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EPrints hack day

No description

John Salter

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of EPrints hack day

EPrints hack day
geek pyramid (Padawan to Jedi)
enabling EPadawans to start running efficiently
develop best practice
develop useful dev environment
learn, discuss, empower
EPrints code
in GitHub
you can flag issues
you can suggest code changes
you can fix bugs
but how/when do these get added to the core of EPrints?
Repo Fringe
lack of geeks = lack of hack!
Les, shirt
coalesce the (geek) community
move core EPrints forward
mobilise the troops!
call from Adam
Hack Day
Runs on: caffiene and cake
Requires: wireless and power
Produces: scribble / better EPrints

all start at a different baseline
all learn from everyone
making mistakes and breaking things is good!
Bolt hack days onto future EPrints user groups
Regular virtual slots
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