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Copy of Workplace Dress Codes

No description

Jessica Axelson

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Workplace Dress Codes

Dress Codes in the Workplace
87% of executives said the business suit will disappear in 10 years in a survey done by Management Recruiters International
Employers may not refuse to allow employees to wear pants on the basis of sex unless the employer has a good cause exemption (formally granted by the Fair Employment and Housing Commission) or the employer requires that uniforms or a costume (e.g., for dramatic roles or specific character portrayal) be worn as part of the employment.
nearly 50% of companies surveyed said there was an increase in absenteeism and tardiness after casual dress was allowed
30% said there was a rise in "flirtatious behavior"
Survey of 1000 companies done by Jackson Lewis (New York Law Firm)
Does a "business casual" dress code cause problems in the workplace?
40% of managers stated that workers appear too casual on "casual" days
poll taken by Accountemps in California
Legal Issues
- potential law suits over sexual harassment
- some employees may feel discriminated against
dress nicer
happier and more confident
96% of women involved in study "believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel"
study authored by Karen Pine (prof in the School of Psychology at University of Hertfordshire) of 100 women ages 21-64 years

nearly 50% of Americans between ages of 21 and 32 have at least one tattoo or piercing, excluding normal ear piercing
2006 study done by University of Chicago and Northwestern University
Disney is one of the most conservative:
no visible tattoos and only one ear piercing in each earlobe

many are turning to expensive tattoo removal
Clothing in Agriculture
Usually NICE jeans and a button up shirt.
Tucked in with a belt.
Jeans and Shirt without a tie.
Ties can get caught in machinery.
Dress clothes don't belong in the dirt!
Dress clothes can have a place in Agriculture
Agribusiness administrative positions require more of a professional attire.
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