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Ella (and Lilly the monkey) room 35

Earth science

team 5

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Ella (and Lilly the monkey) room 35

Ella (and Lilly the monkey) room 35

Earth Science A hurricane can reach a wind speed of 250 km/h (180mph) Tornadoes are most common in spring in summer in tornado alley. States like Kansas are splat in the middle of tornado alley. Condensation is when water vapor becomes liquid water on a cool surface. I like monkeys... and Cupcakes... And Rainbows... This is a size model of the Solar system. The first four planets are the
terrestrial planets and the last four are the gas giants. This is the water cycle: Ocean water
EVAPORATES. It forms a cloud. That
is CONDENSATION. The cloud rains
on mountains. That is PRECIPITATION.
Eventually, it returns to the ocean. The convection current, or the path of the wind, is and effect of Earth's uneven heating. Thank you for your
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