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the u

Brian Harrington

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of u

Subject How the University of Miami football program transformed the city of Miami and NCAA football programs across the nation. Occasion Audience Speaker Tone Billy Corben, Many former University of Miami star players, coaches, athletic directors, and the famous rapper "Uncle Luke" From humble beginnings, Miami was a terrible football team. They couldn't give tickets away. The local Burger King even gave away free tickets some weekends. From the 1979 season to the 2001 season, however, they were transformed into a college football power house, and the environment of the "state" of Miami, winning five championships in that time. Purpose To show the positive and negative impacts that sports can have on a city as a whole. Full of swagger, gratifying & upbeat. Summary Start at 4:00 To show how something as simple as a football program could change the attitude and outlook on everything in the whole city. In this scene, we see Randall Hill try to push the blame for him running out of the stadium to other factors, but Corben shows us all the factors he is blaming at the same time which makes the viewer question who is really at fault. The attitude of the Miami football team is brought to light as we can see how they don't even want to take responsibility for their own actions. The celebration after the game shows how Miami didn't care what the press or opponents thought about them. This was their most penalized game and they were show boating, but they didn't care. Football fans that do not understand the legacy of the U or why it is important. Analysis Analysis In this short clip, rap star "Uncle Luke" is being accused of giving Miami players bounty money. Corben includes the media at the time including newspaper and news reports to show the negative connotation it adds to the college and its football team negative reputation. The lighting of the all the players that were being interviewed and Uncle Luke was darkened. This technique employed one of the many negative impacts Miami imposed on the sport. The darkness brings to light the deception behind close doors of the program.
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