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Stonegate Speech/Language

No description

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Stonegate Speech/Language

Speech AND Language
The SLP will conduct speech and hearing screenings within the first two weeks of school:
*Speech screenings: K, 1, and 2
*Hearing screenings: K, 1, and 3

IEP services
Speech Intervention
: 5 minute interventions are used with children who have speech errors that are impacting their education. These children
have IEPs! Permission is granted from the parents before intervention begins.

Language Intervention
: Implemented as the team deems necessary in the SAT process
Your Help
We will sit down together after 2 weeks of school to discuss screening results and determine which students' speech errors are impacting their academics. From there, we will begin interventions.

***See me, at any time, if you have questions about a child's speech or hearing ability.
These are services that are documented in the child's Individualized Education Program (IEP). As a team, we meet together with the parent to revise at least once a year. These services can be speech and/or language and have weekly minutes with me.
Speech and Language
: fluency or articulation errors.

: understanding and using language (answering/asking questions, concepts, vocabulary words, formulating sentences appropriately, etc.)
Who are your speech/language students?
*If a child has an IEP, you will receive parts of the IEP from me or a special education teacher. You will also sign an accommodations page. This will happen within our first week back.

*Intervention services for students will be determined following screenings.
When will your students see me...
The SLP provides two types of services:
*IEP (speech or language)
*Intervention (speech or language)

This will occur constantly. Please see me with ANY questions or concerns.
Tentative Schedule

Screenings will be next week, Monday and Tuesday.
1st grade
2nd grade
possibly, 3rd grade
3rd grade
I will be checking in with students with an IEP in the first week and a half of school (by 8/22). The students full schedule will be implemented the week of 8/25.
I will meet with teachers following screenings to put a schedule in place. If you have a speech/language student, please let me know when would be a good time for therapy. It would also be very helpful for me, if you could give me a copy of your class schedule.

About me
What you need to know,
My name is Kirschen Stewart and I am a
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.
What that means to all of you, is that I will be working very closely with our districts Speech Coordinator, Beth Daire. She will be here weekly, and she will be at IEP meetings with me. She will become a very familiar face. Luckily, she's lovely and easy to work with!
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