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Roaring Dragon Hotel Case Study

No description

Gar Kal

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Roaring Dragon Hotel Case Study

Roaring Dragon Hotel Case Study Introduction Guanxi Introduction Questions: RDH was...
One of the first three star hotels in South-West China
Largely state owned by the government of Chine as well Erhi T
Well regarded by its society and famous 1) What was the main contributing factor of HI’s
failure to successfully merge and transform RDH? By: Alexandra,
Diane, Garod,
Habon, Onaiza,
and Tammy - Little system or efficiency in the hotel's
domestic management style and processes
- Ignorance of Guanxi Issues 4) Redundancies were public and insensitive 3) The changes HI had made were not a
pragmatic approach to the Hotel’s
current business climate Issues 1) Disregard for RDH employees’ insight or
feedback on current matters 2) HI didn’t recognize the importance of Guanxi in Chinese business culture Recommendations 1) Take into account existing HR practices,
policies, and philosophies Recommendations 3) Changes in organizational methods and
processes need to be implemented
incrementally 2) Research on the significance
of Guanxi networks in China 4) Appoint a transition team Recommendations 5) Cross-cultural training (CCT) Conclusion The Roaring Dragon Hotel case study exemplifies
the importance of following Human Resource best practices. 2) What was one Human Resource function the company was doing wrong? 3) What is one of the many Human Resource best practices the company could have employed to be successful? 5) What is Guanxi? 4) What environmental scanning technique
could the company have used to stay competitive? Thank You...
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