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Difference and similarities between the movie and the real l

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Carla Canaan

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Difference and similarities between the movie and the real l

Difference and similarities between the movie and the real life of Pocahontas
The setting (Jamestown, Virginia)
Started to look for gold when the colonists arrived to Jamestown.
Governor Ratcliffe and Chief Powhatan where a good representation.
Kocoum was also a good representation, but something that was wrong was that before Pocahontas married John Rolfe she was married to Kocoum.
The life of the colonist’s was really similar.
Her age. {Movie:20; Real life:10-12}
John Simth. {Movie: Tall, with a lot of muscles, blonde and close to 25; Real life: older and he was small (short) and fat.}
Thomas {Movie: Another colonist; Real life: Pocahontas son}
Pocahontas & John Smith. {Movie: Had a relationship; Real life: Just friends, she was in love of John Rolfe
Gold {Movie: Found lots of it while singing a song; Real life: Didn't find any}
John Smith
Governor Ratcliffe
John Rolfe
Chief Powhatan
Movie based on a real story it is about a man called John Smith and a girl called Matoaka but people know her as Pocahontas because of her long and black hair. (1608)
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