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The Pipe Manufacturer

Gubbels B.V

Bikky Thakuri

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The Pipe Manufacturer

Enjoy the Craft of Smoking ...
Movie from Gubbels factory
The Netherlands Natural Home of Gubbels
The process from root to the 'Ebouchans'
BigBen collectables
How it is made
Selecting the best blocks of briar
Shaping the bowl
Smoking Channel
Sand Papering
Big Ben Filters and Starter Set
Corc Oak
Harvesting 60-80 year old briarwood
Original Root
Boiling the 'ebouchons' for 36 hours
Plateaux briar
Ebouchons after boiling
Ebouchons ready for transportation
Briar warehouse
Erica Arborea
Drying for 6-9 months
The Briar wood for the pipes comes from Mediterranean of Italy
About Gubbels Family
Established in 1870 and located in Roermond, The Netherlands.

Carries the history of four active generation in craftsmanship of tobacco pipes.

1972 - ‘The Royal title: by Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’.

Home of the popular brands namely BigBen and Hilson and Bentley.
BigBen Pipo
BigBen Victory
BigBen Gazelle
BigBen Maxim White
BigBen Gazelle
BigBen Cambridge
BigBen Ranger
BigBen Blackline
BigBen Churchwarden
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