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Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez

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Nicole Uson

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez

- In 1919, she founded "Woman's Home Journal" (the first women's magazine in the country.)
- Her short story, Dead Stars, is considered the first modern Philippine short story.
- Her journals, which are inscribed in two hard-bound volumes, can be found at the Ateneo Library of Women Writings (ALIWW).

1. What comes into your mind when you hear the word "star"? What kind of value do we ascribe to this particular heavenly body?
Background of the Author
- was born in Lucena City, Quezon Province
- came from a family that is well-known for being prosperous and outstanding.
- She graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1912 where she also became a professor that teaches about short story writing.


- things are not always as they appear to be

Why did she wrote Dead stars?
It is to show how she considers breaking how the society sees only the men as rational beings in line with logic while women are seen as the emotional ones.

- She is considered as the first modern English language short story writer.

- Her literary publications were just limited to two short stories (Dead Stars and A Night in the Hills) but she had important editorial and academic positions as well as a very high social standing.

Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez
The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear the word "star" is that it is the celestial body that we see every night. We believe that "Star" symbolizes the value of dreaming.
2. Why is the story titled "Dead Stars"?
The story is entitled "Dead Stars" because the love between Julia and Alfredo seemed real.
3. The two women in the story Julia and Esperanza present 2 kinds of love.
The love of Julia for Alfredo is just an infatuation while the love of Esperanza is sacrifice.
4. Why did Alfredo defend Calixta, the maid Esperanza said eloped with a married man?
Alfredo defended Calixta because he can relate to what Calixta had done. They had the same mistake that's why he can defended Calixta.
5. Why did Julia didn't confront Alfredo when she learned that he was getting married?
Julia didn't confront Alfredo when she knew that he was getting married because she can't do anything about it and her feelings for Alfredo is just temporary and never meant to last.
6. Was Alfredo insensitive when he invited Julia in hid wedding?
7. What did Alfredo realize when he saw Julia after many years? What do you think is Alfredo's biggest mistake? Explain your answer.
When Alfredo saw Julia, he realized that Julia doesn't love him anymore. He felt that there is something different between them, unlike before. Alfredo's biggest mistake is that he still pursue his love for Julia even if he's already engaged with Esperanza.
(1894 to 1983)
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