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No description

Brad Burns

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Education

To be an educator... THe BASICS Path What is it like... being an educator? Pros Cons The Future Who should be an educator? High School University Bachelor or Education Think of your favorite teacher?
What would it be like to be ... July and August Professional Autonomy
Honourable Purpose
Be someone important in the lives of thousands! Creating responsible citizens
of the greatest country in the world! Structured.
Demands from parents, students, administrators.
More students with challenging needs.
High expectations on you as a person.
24/7 duties
Underemployment unless have specialty Canadian Teachers
are fairly compensated http://ow.ly/1sQz8 We need more people who experienced difficulty at school.

We need more creative techno wizards in education.

We need less teachers and more Advisors
Innovators I am an educator! 40 per year in PTSD
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