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Quebec Presentation

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Claudette Bui

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Quebec Presentation

Quebec By: Hong Anh, Jenny, Phuong Uyen, and Zahin The End! Thank you for listening! People And Language In Quebec, people come from all over the world. The main ethnic groups are French, Irish, Italian, English, Aboriginal, Scottish and German. There's an estimation that 8,080,550 people (2012) live in Quebec. 80% of the people in Quebec speaks French, so Quebec is considered a French-speaking province. Symbols Quebec's flower is the Blue Flag. It was chosen to be the provincial flower in the fall of 1999, replacing the Madonna Lily. Quebec's flag has a blue background, a white cross and four fleur-de-lis. It was designed like this because when Samuel de Champlain first explored the St. Lawrence river flew a blue flag with a white cross to set up the first settlement, where Quebec is now.The national bird of Quebec is the Snowy Owl. Location And Region Quebec is located in the East of Canada. It is the biggest province in Canada. Its area is 1,542,056 km². Quebec's capital city is Quebec City. Quebec is fed by the St. Lawrence River. The region is low-lying and flat. The river valley has rich, arable soil, which makes this region the most fertile in the province. The Laurentian Mountains lie to the north of the city. Landmarks Top 3 foods in Quebec Poutine Quebec's motto is 'Je me souviens', which means 'I remember' in English. Quebec's Motto Poutine is the Quebec's signature dish, as it serves across the country. It is made out of french fries, cheese curd and gravy. Photographed by Amanda Ahn, dbimages/Alamy Bagels in Montreal " Montreal's bagel is made out of piece of dough, shaped like a doughnut ring. Then, it is baked with butter, cut it into halves, cover it with cream cheese and put salmon on top. Credits to Giorgio Zanetti Diagram of Quebec. (from GraphicMaps.com ) Snowy Owl Credits by Riisikuppi The national bird of Quebec is the Snowy Owl. Smoked meat Schwartz is a stack of smoke beef brisket pile up on your favorite Rye bread and top it with mustard. Credits to Davij Industry Quebec has the largest dairy industry in Canada and it produces more than a third of Canada's paper products. Quebec is also Canada's main producer of maple syrup. Credits to Corbis Maple syrup with pancakes Smoked meat Schwartz Hôtel de Glace Hôtel de Glace is a hotel made of ice, located 5 km north of Quebec City. It was opened in January 1, 2001. Hôtel de Glace has 85 rooms and 1 floor, with a parking space too. Crescent Street Crescent Street is a street in Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada, where it is really busy. The street is right at downtown, so people usually go there. People usually organize events in Crescent Street so it can thrill and make a dark memory to all the visitors around the world. Credits to Carole Spandau A painting of Crescent Street
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