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Coca-Cola Presentation

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Ben Grange

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Coca-Cola Presentation

Coke Is It!
A Journey from 1886 to the Present
Dr. John Pemberton
Created May 8, 1886
Cost only 5¢ per glass
Originally a medicine
Sold production rights two years later to Asa Candler
Coke was first bottled in 1894
1928—Coca-Cola becomes associated with the Olympics in the Amsterdam Games
"If you’ve had a Coke in the last 82 years, you’ve had a hand in making every Olympic Dream come true."
"The Pause That Refreshes"
The Santa Claus Myth
In the 1930s, Haddon Sundblom was commissioned to do the artwork for the winter advertisements, because Coke didn't sell in the winter. The illustrations were used for the next thirty years, and have become an iconic symbol of Coke.

The image of Santa Claus did, in fact, exist before Sundblom's illustrations.
Norman Rockwell's Paintings
In the 1920s and 1930s, Norman Rockwell was commissioned to do six Coke ads.
Only three have been found, and are displayed in the "World of Coca-Cola" in Atlanta, Georgia.
"America's greatest Illustrator, and America's greatest advertiser belong together"
A Look at Advertising Slogans
"The Pause That Refreshes"
"It's the Refreshing Thing to Do"
"It's the Real Thing"
"Things go Better with Coke"
"I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke"
"Coke Adds Life To . . ."
"Have a Coke and a Smile"
"Coke Is It!"
"You Can't Beat the Feeling"
"Always Coca-Cola"
"The Coke Side of Life"
"Open Happiness"
Some Recent News
Apple Overtakes Coke
Messages in a Bottle
Coca-Cola Journey
A Look at Ethnic Diversity
An innovator in bringing cultures together.
Where Coke is Today
They really do want to "open happiness."

Coke Is It!
Product Placement
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