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How to Read a Difficult Text

No description

Marbella Cruz

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of How to Read a Difficult Text

How to Read A Difficult Text?
by: Marbella Cruz
Benito Torreblanca
Jacky Porfirio
by: Marbella Cruz,
Benito Torreblanca
Jacky Porfirio
"The Red Wheel Barrow"
by:William Carlos Williams
so much depends upon

wheel barrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens.

Annotation Method:
Literary Devices:
Biographical Approach:
What others say:
we hope that our presentation helped you understand more about the poem "The
Wheel Barrow" by William Carlos Williams.

Thanks for listening :)
Annotation method: is a note added by way of comment or explanation.
Metaphor & Imagery:
Fit panes of glass into a window or door frame
or similar structure).
The word "glazed" makes me think of a shiny, glossy, glassy surface.
so much depends upon

wheel barrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens.
This basically means that the
wheelbarrow is described as glazed
with rainwater and that it is shining.
William sees the red wheelbarrow
with a shiny surface and has made
What is the tone of this poem?
What was William Carlos Williams feeling when he wrote this poem?
When was the poem written?
What literary devices are used in William Carlos
Williams poem the red wheelbarrow?
the chickens turn white.
Why is the poem short?
The poem is a metaphor because William thinks the red wheelbarrow as a positive heartbeat. It's imagery because he is trying to picture/visualize the
wheelbarrow being glazed and the chickens beside it.
Another poem that had a connection similar to "The
Wheel Barrow" was Two Four, because it is also a short poem but explains a vivid picture of what it is talking about.
Our reactions to this poems were confusing at first because we figured that it was short, and we could not find the meaning of it. Throughout research and reading more about the poem made us understand it better and find the actual meaning behind it and what was Williams understanding.
Our Task;
Two, four, six, eight,

I must run and not be late,

Eat my food, clean the plate

Two, four, six, eight

Jiahal Halluf
Our task is to help others get a better understanding of the poem "The Red Wheel Barrow, by using Annotation, Literary Devices, Biographical Approach, and what others have to say.
The Red WheelBarrow
By Henry M. Sayre

Summary: In "The William Carlos Williams Reader" about "The Red Wheel Barrow" Henry M. Sayre argues about Williams poem, saying that he draws pictures in his mind rather than using an image.

Quote: According to Henry M. Sayre in "The William Carlos Williams Reader," "Williams poem it defines a split between the world of art, and the world of imagination."

Paraphrase: Henry M. Sayre in "The William Carlos Williams" talks about how William can divide art and imagination in a poem.

Works Cited: Williams, William Carlos, and M. L. Rosenthal. The William Carlos Williams reader. New York: Published for J. Laughlin by New Directions Pub. Corp., 1966. Print.
William went to a university in Pennsylvania. met a famous poet name Ezra Pound, who captured pictures and imaginary poetry. In Williams poem, he is trying to imagine "The Red Wheel Barrow." William published a book, which was called "Kora" but was hated by famous poets.
Later, his poetry was rediscovered.
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