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Global Circulation

No description

Simran Brar

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Global Circulation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Simran Brar How is Global Circulation Effected
by The Solar System?! What is Global Circulation? Global circulation is when the temperature and precipitation patterns lead to different climates that are caused primarily, by the way air circulates over the earths surface. It is the large-scale movement of air, which is spread globally. What are Different Aspects of Global Circulation/ How Does it Work? What is The Connection between
the Solar System and the Weather? Because of the earths axis tilt more of the suns heat/energy goes to the earths equator than the poles which is then balanced by the air circulation system. [ the global patterns of wind/ global circulation]. On earth the tilt is the primary reason for the differences in weather. The earths orbit is nearly circular, so there is little variation in the earths overall climate. The sun heats the entire earth, but there is an uneven distribution of heat across the earths surface: equatorial and tropical regions receive far more solar energy than the middle latitudes and polar regions causing them to differ in weather and climate. The suns heat and the earths rotation combine to make global patterns of wind, known as global air circulation. Also on earth the tilt is the primary reason for the differences in weather, climate and air distribution. -What is global circulation?
-What is the connection between the solar system and the weather?
-What are different aspects of global circulation/how does it work?
-How does global circulation effect different places around the world? How does global circulation effect different places around the world? Conclusion
My New Understanding THANKS 4 WATCHING
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