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Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

No description

Samantha Lui

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

June 2014 Summer Promotional Plan:
Run for Red™ Movement Presentation Overview New perspective
Long lasting relationship
Reaching company goals:
Desirable sports lifestyle Benefits Company statements
What we want to achieve
Run for Red™ Movement
Putting it into action
Benefits Company Statements Inspire people be active and healthy Run for Red™ Movement $3 donation to Usain Bolt
3rd World donations
active wear What we Want to Achieve Expand customer database
Strengthen image
Environmentally friendly Primary customer targets:
active members
ages from 12-45
Secondary market is everyone Putting it into Action Special events Fashion show
“My Sportstory” competition
$500 reward
Customer Appreciation Day
10% coupon Marketing Advertisements Social Networking
Social Networking
Phone Application Putting it into Action In store activities Display windows
High definition screens
Pictures about Usain Bolt Foundation Budget Total expenses: $61,670
Special Events: $17,500
Advertising: $17,600
Display: $14,000
Publicity: $2,350
In-Store: $7,760
Miscellaneous: $2,500 PUMA® Sustained
Imaginative world
Company morals:
Fairness Honesty Positivity Creativity Company Statements Run for Red Movement Address issues:
Decline of active lifestyles
Increasing customer base
Positive brand image Marketing Advertisement Paid Advertisements Facebook®
Flyers and Posters Race track strip
Top Sales Competition
Raffle ticket Putting it into Action In Store Activties Sales will increase to 15%
Estimated profit: $90 000 (CAD)
Return on investment 179%
$57 700 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Population of 603 502
Metro Vancouver Population 2 313 328
132 845 people ages 15-29
Population Density 5 249.1/km2 one of the world's best places to live
Popular tourist attraction
Area: 114 sq km
Flat and hilly terrain.
Accessible transit system Mountainous
Grouse Mountain
Stanley Park
Beach Volley ball
Gardens Median income: $67,090/family Target Market
- Ages 16-27 both genders
-Fresh, vibrant, and youthful Corporate Social Responsibility
-Peace and Sports awards
-Many controversies and problems
-Aid in expansion and future projects Mines not alot since they dont want like a lot on the power point .
idk if i should put statistics on but this is the just if anything we can just add points but yea i dont want it to be too wordy again
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