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Template: The Red Scare

here is some perspective

Claire Wang

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Template: The Red Scare

Many innocent people were jailed or deported by the government for radical views. was a period during the Cold War in America in which many Americans feared Communist views from the 40s and 50s. Propaganda helped to spread anti-Communism all over the U.S. Please consider the following... The Red Scare It was a time of distrust and hatred. Any man who opposed a Democratic government was immediately a suspect. Anyone could be suspected at any time. In 1953, a couple by the name of Rosenburg were executed for being Communist. The Iron Curtain The Red Scare was one of the most shameful moments in U.S. history. Why is this so important? and because of this, The Iron Curtain was the symbolic split of Europe during the Cold War. Beauty Many psychologists believe that phi plays a role in the human perception of beauty but the results are inconclusive at best. Why don't you judge for yourself? Do these faces exibit phi? Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (many believe the ancient Egyptians knew about phi long before the Greeks) Bartok Debussy The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenburg, the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union's nuclear weapon all contributed to the beginning of the Red Scare. Consequences McCarthy at conference Propoganda The Palmer Raids They were suspected of comitting espionage during the war. Their trial opened up the possibility that more Communist spies were amongst American citizens at the time. Doubts about whether the Rosenbergs were really involved with Communist conspiracy still exist today. The European Community and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were on the South and West side of Europe... ...and the Council for Economic Assistance and the Warsaw Pact on the East side. The Iron Curtain represented the fight between the Soviet Union and other European countries over the control of European land. With allies from other powerful nations and nuclear weapons at their disposal, the Soviet Union and the U.S. were becoming more powerful. Red: Warsaw Pact
Blue: NATO N.S.S.R. vs. U.S.A Soviet Union flag and NATO flag Stalin in action Legislations Alien Registration Act (required foreigners to register as U.S. citizens)
Truman's "Federal Employees Loyalty Program" (terminated all government officials who confessed being a spy)
McCaran Internal Security Act (Restricted many civil liberties--most of the act was eventually repealed The attitude of America was forever changed by the Red Scare. Nowadays, the Red Scare is considered an "anti-intellectual" event because of the anti-Communist espionage created by Americans, like anti-Communist movies, profane names, and stories of un-American society. Ninotchka: an anti-Communist film "Redleg" was another name for Communist. Claire Wang
History Honors Block 3 McCarthy He was at first an admired man, who declared Communists and Communist sympathizers had infiltrated the United States. Many of the accused people were actors and writers. He damaged a huge amount of people's careers and blacklisted several people. Among them were Aaron Copeland, Leonard Berstein, Charlie Chaplain, and Lena Horne. 320 artists were blacklisted by McCarthy. It remains one of the most shameful moments in U.S. history. McCarthyism (philosophy of McCarthy) died down by 1954. McCarthy was a political figure who highly favored anti-Communism.
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