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Hutto ISD Dress Code

No description

Serena Stoffle

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Hutto ISD Dress Code

Hutto ISD Dress Code
The current dress code policy that is being enforced is extremely too strict and could easily become less severe without disregarding the reasons the dress code was initially placed.
The dress code policy should be altered to allow an increased amount of student self expression, making happier students, which leads to happier staff.
Telling students to “cover up” just as puberty hits teaches them that their bodies are inappropriate, dangerous, violable, subject to constant scrutiny and judgment, including by the adults they trust. Nor does it help them understand the culture’s role in their wardrobe choices.
Girls, particularly those with ample hips or breasts, are almost exclusively singled out, typically told their outfits will “distract boys.” As if young men cannot control themselves in the presence of a spaghetti strap.
The existent dress code is causing more distractions in itself than it would if it was less severe.
Taking students out of class for such minor violations is in no way beneficial, instead all it does is take away from valuable class time and cause students to miss out on information they would have otherwise obtained.
Strict dress codes do not directly correspond with increased grade averages, for example...
Hutto High School
Westlake High School
Student Dress Standards:
Clothing must be appropriate and not suggestive or revealing.
The student’s back, chest, and stomach must be covered.
Skirts and shorts should be modest and worn in good taste. They should not be so short as to distract from the learning environment.
Students may not wear:
Plunging or low-cut tops or tops with no straps
Sheer or see-through clothing
Visible underwear (visible while sitting or standing)
Pajamas/sleepwear of any kind

Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and extracurricular events. Caps/hats/head coverings are not to be worn in the building except with principal’s approval. Shoes must be worn at all times. Inappropriate clothing for school includes, tops that expose the stomach or navel; bicycle shorts; sunglasses; ultra-short dresses; house shoes; any clothing that displays profane language, weaponry and/or racial slurs, and items that reflect gang affiliation. At LASA, shorts and skirts must extend to mid-thigh or be fingertip length; whichever is shortest. Tank top straps must be at least three fingers wide.
Academic Rankings
Liberal Arts and Science Academy is currently ranked #1 out of 1,713.
Westlake High school is currently ranked #48 out of 1,713.
Hutto High school is currently ranked #992 out of 1,713.
Rankings provided are according to STAAR and EOC testing according to schooldigger.com
Extremely strict dress codes essentially violate students' rights.
In the first amendment, the right to "speak" actually implies a broader right of freedom of free expression. The First Amendment protects not only written or spoken words, but what the Court calls expressive conduct, that is, actions that do not literally involve speaking or writing but that nonetheless send a message.
The clothing we choose to wear sends a message to our peers about who we are, and we are continuously being told we can't wear what we want because it doesn't follow the guidelines down to the exact inch.
Maintaining Diversity
Is ensuring "an environment open to diversity" sometimes messy or offensive? Of course it is. That's what freedom is all about. Most Americans wouldn't have it any other way.
Dress Code
Students are expected to use good judgment in choosing clothing for school wear. Experience indicates that student dress and appearance influence behavior, achievement and success. The student’s clothing should reflect pride in self and in the school.
When selecting clothing, please observe the “3 B’s” No Breasts (or cleavage), No Bellies and No Bottoms should be exposed.
Students should look neat, have clean hair that is not distracting to students or others and be well groomed. Hair must be away from the face to allow for easy identification.
The following dress is appropriate for school wear:
Dresses, skirts and shorts must be 2-inches above the knee or longer.
Hemmed sleeveless shirts must have 3-inches wide straps (front, back & top).
Shirttails may be worn outside as long as the student’s appearance is pleasing and cannot exceed beyond the student’s fingertips. Students will be asked to tuck in shirts that exceed beyond their fingertips.
Pants and shorts must be at the waist. No sagging. Student will be issued a belt or zip-tie to correct this dress code violation.
Warm-ups that are dressy in appearance, clean, and neat are acceptable.
Any caps or hats brought to school must be kept in the student’s backpack or locker during the school day.
Earrings are the only body piercing jewelry allowed.
Athletic shorts may be worn, but must fall within the dress code guidelines regarding length and condition (holes, tears, no sagging, etc).

The following dress is inappropriate for school and will not be allowed:
Dresses, skirts, or blouses/shirts those are indecent or offensive.
Spandex and leggings worn as pants without a top that covers to the finger tips
Tank tops, muscle shirts, undershirts, crop-tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, strapless, or backless outfits or any garment exposing the midriff or back. If skin shows when a student walks, sits or raises arms, the shirt/top is too short.
Caps, bandannas, headbands, headgear, and sunglasses worn in the building without a doctor’s permission.
Warm-ups or jeans that are too tight, too bagging or sloppy in appearance.
Indecent, vulgar, or offensive symbols, buttons, decals, patches, writings, or drawings on clothing or personal items.
Any tattoos(All tattoos must be completely covered while the student is on campus)
Items that are drug or alcohol related of any nature.
Steel-toed boots or shoes, shower shoes or house shoes.
Trench coats
Sagging shorts, pants or clothing.
Chains and dog collars or inappropriate piercings.
Unusual hairstyle or unnatural hair color deemed a distraction to the educational environment.
Pajamas and lounge pants.
No mouthpieces, with any type of jewelry attached, also known as “grills.”
Anything that may be deemed distracting to the educational environment at the principal’s discretion.
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