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Essentials Math 40 Career Life

No description

James Dumenko

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of Essentials Math 40 Career Life

Career Life
Job Description The Selected Career Education Choose 2 Careers that involve
some sort of post secondary training Websites you may find these websites helpful -Duties
-Dress Code
-Benefits of the job
-Employment Outlook
-Types of Jobs Available with Training
-Salary/ Wages
-Other Interesting Facts about the Career

You will be assessed on 50 Marks Resume
School Application Essential Skills -Costs (Tuition, Books and Living for a year)
-Highschool course requirements to get into college/university
-College/ University courses (5 course descriptions 20 Marks -Increments (amount and ways to increase income)
-Stress/ Health issues (as a result of career)
-What made you interested in this career in the first place?
-Are you still interested? Why/ Why not?
-What did you learn about this career that you did not know before? 15 Marks -Resume (not for career, just as of today)
-Application (for desired school) 10 Marks -Explain how 5 essential skills are used in your selected career 5 Marks http://www.careercruising.com/Default.aspx http://www10.hrsdc.gc.ca/ES/English/all_profiles.aspx http://mb.jobfutures.org/profiles/profile_alpha.cfm?lang=en&site=graphic username: manitoba 182
password: hapnot for essential skills information for main information for additional or missing information
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