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My Rotary Expedition


Jessica Lowe

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of My Rotary Expedition

Dandenong Market
As soon as I saw that pomegranate I wanted it. I stopped and paid for it and got my dad some small hot chilies. I smiled and thought how funny dad would look eating them. I get up and race to my group taking notice of the Vietnamese Food stall.
A few minutes later (actually it was about an hour but time flies goes when you have fun)
I sit eating my yummy rice paper rolls and chuuros. I munch on a pop-tart when I realize I am full and can’t finish but have no fear, Mum is here so I save it for her. I look around and we walk to the meat section.
“Ewwwww” I cried as I saw the disgusting chicken feet and not to mention the hearts and brains and blood. It just sends shivers up my back!! All in all, I was so happy I actually got to experience this amazing place and learn and taste different things. I will come back soon!!

Social Experience
Learning a new skill
Photography with Rose was awesome!! Learning was great. I got to experience taking photos and being behind the camera, as seen in the photos.
To improve my swimming I entered the Oasis Swim Meet. I had created a P.B for all my strokes for 50m; Fly: 47.44secs, Back: 51secs, Breast: 55.02secs and Free: 38.25secs. My goal after my first aggregate was to beat the time of 31 secs on 50m freestyle!! Which my times for my first aggregate were, for 100m Free: 1.36min, 50m Back: 52secs, 50m Breast: 55secs (P.B) and 50m Free: 35secs (P.B)!! My second aggregate I was trying to break the record for the 50m freestyle! Unfortunately I didn't but did improve my P.B of 50m backstroke, my new P.B is 50.57secs!!
Exclusive: Rotary Project, by Jessica Lowe
The Experiences
Community Service
Just to know that others girls in the world don't get as much help as we do today horrifies me, but when I found out that I could help I was over the moon. To work with a friend was even better and I soon found out that I was actually enjoying the work I was doing and was finished in no time. I was always wondering how would I feel if I just realized that I had had my period and no one to help me!! I felt like every bag I made I was a better person and I was helping the world become a better place!!
My Rotary Expedition
Anzac Day
Anzac Day, what a fun but hard work out. Climbing those 1000 steps was hard but very educational. At every station we stopped and read through the information, taking in every little bit. I was so proud and so puffed when finally I reach the top!! I was so amazed that my great grand dad fought in WW2.
Have some fun while helping the world and making yourself a better person!!
Rotary is awesome
The Meeting
The meeting started late but everyone was doing arts and crafts for World Teachers Day. They prepared what goes into the newsletter and all the Tough Gully sponsership form. They also had to advetise more about the shopping tour or it would have to be cancled.
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