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Yellow Fever


Jonathan Prescott

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Yellow Fever

Made by Alejandro, Jonathan, and Lenin!!!!!! Yellow Fever Overview Yellow fever also known as american plague, yellow jack, black vomit, and vomito negro is a horrible disease we are about to tell you about. Yellow fever is caused by aedes and haemogogus mosquitos... Causes of Yellow Fever The Yellow Fever Cycle A mosquito with yellow fever bites a human. That human gets yellow fever. That mosquito gets yellow Fever!!!! spreading it even more Symptoms!!! If you get yellow fever these symptoms may occur!... The first stage has things such as, fever, muscle pain with prominent backache, headache,shivers, loss of appetite (loose interest in food), nausea, and vomiting. There is a second more toxic phase of symptoms that affects 15% of the people who get yellow fever and consists of... high fevers which affects several other body systems, jaundice rapidly developes at levels over 2, vomiting with abdominal pain, and bleeding may take place in the eyes mouth nose ears and in the feces or vomit, and kidney function deterorates. Tricky Little Disease!!! Yellow fever somtimes is mistaken for disease such as malaria, typhoid, dengue, hepattis, and other diseases, and possibly poisoning in the early stages of Yellow Fever. Fortunately, blood tests can detect yellow fever antibodies that are produced to fight off the disease, along with other blood tests used to identify the virus, and after the death you can check the liver tissue or the albumine in the urine. wow!!! That sounds horrible!! Yellow fever epidemics still occur in subtropical areas of South America and Africa. Even though the main vector Aedes aegypti also occurs in Asia. Yellow Fever Today Thanks for wathcing!!!! Created by: Alejandro, Jonathan, and Lenin The banana is yellow so it has everything to do with Yellow fever!!! It's peanut butter jelly time!!!! Now lets go dissect that banana!!!
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