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Codes and Conventions of music videos

Defined conventions of music videos with examples and illustrations

Jessica Hyde

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Codes and Conventions of music videos

Styles & Conventions Codes & Conventions What is a Music Video? a short film presenting a (previously recorded) song as a visual representation. of a music video Purpose of a
music video? Camera movement Editing Mise-en-scene Sound There are many purposes of a music video:
1. They provide a visual experience so that the audience feel closer to the artist.
2. They serve to promote the artist (as well as tours, albums and merchandise) and the record company
3. Another form of income, and possibilities of merchandising income
4. Entertainment and reminds target audience to buy track or album lip synching Music videos were first incorporated in the late 1940's. During the 1960's and 1970's Britain introduced music video programmes such as 'Top of the Pops' Music videos today are mainly for marketing and promotion. Instuments Special effects Genre Lighting
-Spotlight Costume Lyrics Storyline Artist/
Band Intertextuality Fast-paced editing Close ups Impressionist- imitates a person/time/style Surrealist-
unbelievable and strange events Interpretive-
allows audience to imagine meaning Performance-
artist lip synching in concert Intertextual-
contains reference to other films/ songs

Narrative- tells story There are many different types of music video, such as Notes "Production of Beyonce's 'Who run the world (girls)' was handled by Switch, The-Dream, Knowles and Shea Taylor. The song's development was motivated by the fact that Knowles wanted something different – a mixture of different cultures and eras, a new sound, and a message which would give women strength."
In the video, Beyonce is acknowledged as a heroine, given strength and dominance, this is through Mise-en-Scene, lighting, and camera angles- straight on.
The editing is quite fast paced to keep up with the up tempo beat. The theme of her video gives a 'war' like feel, and so the editing is similarly shown in a spontaneous way. The main colours used in the clip are yellow, black and red- all natural and support different cultures supported in the videos
Many different camera shots are used to create different effects- close ups, mid shots,and high/low angles. Wide panning shots seen at the beginning give the audience a feel of the surroundings, and close ups of the female lead remind that she is 'in charge'. The conventions of the Music Video depend entirely on the genre of the music being portrayed. For example Hip-Hop Pop music is more likely to be set in a colourful party or club-like atmosphere promoting well known brands and possibly alcohol. In comparison, Rock music will use dark colours, black and white and possibly more special effects. The History of Music Videos Analysis of Beyonce's 'Who Run the World' Jessica Hyde
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