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The Rule of Thoughts-James Dashner

No description

Kyle Moore

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of The Rule of Thoughts-James Dashner

The Rule of Thoughts-James Dashner
Main Characters
Michael-Michael is athletically built and loves to game in the VirtNet, a simulated virtual reality.
Sarah-Sarah is gamer like Michael and she is very smart. Sarah never gives up on her friends.
Bryson-Bryson is definitely a ladies man, but he games as much as the others. He often acts macho but he would never leave his friends.
The Rule of Thoughts tone is mysterious and almost dark.
Point of View
The Rule of Thoughts is written in third person limited and is limited to Michael.
Symbol #2
Symbol: Kaine

Meaning: To Michael, Kaine represents the path to getting his tangent family back and get answers as to how he got turned into a human.
James Dashner has a very unique voice, writing third person, limited to Michael. A lot of times Michael sounds amazed, confused, or in awe.
The setting for The Rule of Thoughts is futuristic America. They don't really tell you much about life except the VirtNet which is a hightech gaming system far ahead of what we have today.
Interested, excited, and edge of your seatness.
Symbol #1
Symbol: Life Blood Deep (VirtNet world)

Meaning: To Michael it represents his past and how he used to be a tangent and wasn't really alive.
Symbol #3
Symbol: VNS (VirtNet Security)

Meaning: To Michael VNS is the only way he is going to be able to defeat Kaine, it represents success.
Figuritive Language Examples
#1-"Their serene expressions actually scared him more than if they had grown fangs and wings."

They didn't actually grow wings but their expressions were compared to that of.
Figurative Language example #2
Figurative Language Example #3
Person vs. Person

Michael is going head to head with Kaine.
"His mind spun with questions."

Your mind can't really spin.
"Heart in his throat..."

your heart is in your chest and stays there, this is referring to where you feel you can't breathe and you feel like throwing up almost.
Figurative Language #4
"He tore his eyes away from the screen..."

you can't tear your eyes, this is referring to looking away but doing it more forcefully.
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