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The Anatomy of Desire

Wahl Fiction 6th

Sean Keenan

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Anatomy of Desire

The Anatomy of Desire by John L'Heureux Skin: His skin symbolizes the desire of possession.
"I can endure no more. I am possessed by you" (L'Heureux 512). Symbolism Graduated from Holy Cross. Writes about spiritual reality. Includes the saint (religious) . Talked about the topics of Philosophy. Wanted Vs. Desire is very philosophical. He has ethos. Author Background Style "And then in the night he kissed her on the brow and on the cheek and finally on the mouth. He gazed deep and long in to her eyes. He traced the lines of her eyebrows gently, with the tip of his index finger. 'Such a beautiful face,' he said. He pressed his palms lightly against her forehead, her cheekbones, her jaw. With his little finger he memorized the shape of her lips" (L'Heureux 514).
This is the same treatment the general gives Hanley in captivity.
It is ironic that Hanley stoops to the generals level and does the same act of 'love ' the general did to him on the saint.
Also the fact that the saint let herself be skinned out of sympathy and because she felt bad for Hanley. Irony Plot: The main character Hanley is made an example of during a war and skinned alive, and brought back by the allies and sent to a VA hospital. Because of his condition Hanley's family [wife and children] resent him. A nurse [the saint] is the only one willing to take care and tolerate him. Hanley's intense longing and loneliness causes him a desire to be "possessed by love", to which he requests the saint to love him. She agrees and after Every act of affection has taken place he askes her for her skin. The saint then agrees to give up her skin and does so for Hanley. Elements of Fiction L'Heureux uses diction to display want vs desire:
"looking" vs "gazed"
"like" vs "pleasure"
"like" vs "admire"
"enclosed" vs "enveloped" Tone: sympathetic, grotesque, and gloomy. Point of View: Third person limited narrator Setting: VA Hospital and Battle Field Characters:
The General
The Saint [nurse] Theme: Want Vs. Desire Text-to-Life Connections Discusses the topics of:
Costs of War The End
Thank You for Watching Brought to you by:
Sean Keenan
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