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Career Shadowing

No description

Clover Carithers

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Mentor's Career: First Grade Teacher Mentor's Company: Kathleen Elementary Where will this companny be in 15 years? My mentor thinks that this company will still be an A school in 15 years. She also thinks in 15 years the school will have more technology then what it has now. What employability skills are needed for this job? The employability skills needed for this job are...
Prifessional Development
Cooroperative Learning Average Salary 35 Thousand Yearly What is the education needed for this job? Education needed for this job is....
Batchelors Degree
State Certification What Skills are need for this job? The skills needed for this job are...
Being on time
Being prepared
Following directions Would you presue this career with this company? No, I would not presue this career with this company. I don't think I will try to presue any career with teaching. I thought this job was hectic and very confusing. If i were to try and presue a job with this company i would try a different postition like a different grade. What do you like best about this job? What I like best about this job is the schedule and how the teachers worked as a team. What did you dislike about this job? What I disliked the most about this job was the disorganization. What is the purpose of this company? The purpose of this company is to the educate the young minds. By: Clover Carithers Some Pictures My Mentor "Technology in the Classroom" The Class
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