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Gender Equality in Sport

No description

Bailey Townsend

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Gender Equality in Sport

Gender Equality in Sport
Strategies To Increase Women's Exposure in Sport
a) Implementation of multi-gender competitioins
b) Increasing the salary of sporting women
c) Government to pay funds for excess airtime
Strategy C
- Men in Sports Receive higher media airtime throughout competitive tournaments
- Funding by Government
7 News- Gender Inequality
No women's sport shown at all
Completely biased form of media
Newspaper- Gender Inequality
2 days without any coverage of Women's Sport
Still generously only 15% of sport articles
2 types of newspaper companies
Length shorter than mens coverage
Radio- Gender Inequality
One of only sources that show mixed results
Still only 1.4% of broadcasts dedicated to women
Mixed only 3.5%
Portrayal of Women
Most if not all of the 3.6% are dressed inappropriate
Men showcased as athletic specimens- women portrayed as a sexy object
Sexploitation- when the value of a female athlete is judged primarily in terms of her attractiveness, rather than her athletic qualities
Disparity in sport because Women are not viewed as an equal in sport but rather ‘an object’
Why is there a disparity between the genders?
Media Coverage
Survey Results- Gender Inequality
Survey conducted of 22 students in Grade 10
Staggering amount of less than 3 times per week
68% of people say they see women in sport 1-3 times a week
Strategy A
- Many competitions are uni-sex
- Strength, Agility and Power difference
- Implementing multi-gender sporting competitions gives women more of a chance to prove them selves

Major difference
PGA tour = $256 million--- LPGA tour = $50 million
Less Media = Less viewers = less money in women's sport

“Equality in sport is fine, but out on the field it’s simply impossible” was accepted
Women and men are physically different- doesn’t mean women should have less
More regularly shown in the media using the strategies indicated by Kyle
This issue that needs to be fixed.
Disparity Between the Genders
There is a major and noticeable difference when comparing the media coverage of female athletes verses the coverage for Men

Mens sport is covered in the media far more than women
This is a serious issue that has to be resolved
Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi describes the lack of women’s sports “chicken and egg” argument
All issues stem from the insufficient and sexist media
Heather Brown (a journalist from CBS) says, “When you constantly see or read about men’s sport, that’s what people will think is interesting and valuable and exciting”.

Strategy B
- Currently, women are payed $75,000 - $5,000,000
- Men are payed $1,000,000 - $11,000,000
- Increase women salary so viewers are intrigued
- A lot of team budget spent on advertisement
There are differences in 3 main areas:
Portrayal of Women
Media Coverage

The 'E' in ESPN stands for entertainment and the simple fact is men provide more sport entertainment
Why is there a disparity- Conclusion
There is a disparity due to:
The pay that the female athletes receive
How they are portrayed in the media
The amount of media attention given

The evidence and points given previously explain why their is a major disparity
Little or no coverage in Sports Magazines
In 5 years (2004-2009) female athletes have appeared on 5 of 168 ESPN covers a miniscule 3.6%
6.8 per cent of articles in sport magazines were female based

Magazines- Gender Inequality
- Three of numerous strategies that can be used
- If not used sporting world will be stuck in a loop
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