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Halden Prison

No description

Breeana Wubbels

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Halden Prison

Tower of London Vs. Halden Prison
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Day in the life of a Tower of London(Bloody Tower) Prisoner...More to Come......
People who proposed a threat to the Ruler
The Tower of London........
William the Conqueror built it luxurious enough for him to stay in it
Halden Prison......Correction.......Halden the Land of Milk & Honey
Ladies & Gentleman the Overall Conclusion is.............
prison's may still be called prison's but the design and function of how they are run has completely changed over the course of History
Location: Ostfold, Norway
Halden Prison
Occupancy: 252 People
Tower of London
Location: London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, London, UK
Occupancy: 158 people
Beheaded, Killed, others... rotted of poor maintenance
Killing were normally done with axes but the last execution was done with eight fires of guns
Rack: dislocating all of your joints, then pulling them apart (form of torture)
Most rich and royals had servants & their families when they went tto visit because it had that nice of living quarters that william designed
Made of: Luminous Casen Stone
Served As.....Fortress, Royal Residency, Home for Crown Jewels, Military Weapons,
Famous Prisoners: Anne Bolyen, Sir Walter Raleigh, Rudolph Hess
Famous Prisoner: Anders Behring Breivik
Guards don't carry around weapons
Opended: April 8th, 2010 by King Harald
Rooms consist of tv, refrigerator, giant windows, designer furniture
Get questionnaires asking "what can the prison be improved"
Only 20% of prisoners end up back in jail unlike the 50-60% of theUK & US prisoners
Inmates shared a kitchen, living room, jogging trail, & sound studio
First View is the Traitor gate
Life Style in the Tower of London
The End:)
Betelihem H
Sunflower Greene
Lexi B
Breeana W
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