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No description

Alexis Jimenez

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of AHS: CULT

Dante's Inferno
Spirit guide
Exploring the nature of sin through the nine circles of Hell
Fear used to manipulate people
Clown Cult defies current administrative practices
Influence ideas of opposition & terror
Herecy maitained through candidacy
Supporters symbolicly represent the burning herectics
Blindly following Kai for the future he promises
Moving Forward...
Theory excites fans
Potential to be a great attraction at Comic-Con 2018
Ryan Murphy's Instagram Post
American Horror Story
connection to Dante's

Each season is linked to a circle
Murphy's support for the theory
Latest season of
American Horror Story, Cult
Parallels of Heresy in

circle six of
Circle Six: Heresy
Eternal torment for conception of heresy
as an act of division from community
Focus on politics & history
Encounters with Farinata & Cavalcante

Herectics can see the future but not present events
Episode 6, "Mid-Western Assassination"
Cult of Personality
Charles Manson
Jesus Christ
Jim Jones
Andy Warhol
David Koresh
Marshall Applewhite
Focus on the cult of personality that arises in a divisive society
Examination of multiple leaders with a "cult like" following
Culture creates an environemnt of disenfranchised people with a need to belong
Satirical approach reflects how ideas transpired & gained power
Thanks for Listening!
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