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Vermont Yankee

An overview of the history, controversy, and uncertainty of one of Vermont's most deliberated landmarks.

Laura Pickrell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Vermont Yankee

Entergy's Vermont Yankee 1972 - ?? "These events have shaken the confidence of Vermonters and our neighbors in New Hampshire and Massachusetts about the safety and reliability of the plant. They have brought into question whether Vermont Yankee should operate beyond its present operating license expiration date of 2012"

– Governor Jim Douglas

"Entergy's appalling record at Vermont Yankee forces us to go beyond standard operating procedure when it comes to safety inspections ... The reactor will be routinely shut down for security checks in just a few days time, why on earth would we be planning to turn it back on until all safety concerns have been addressed? My plan would give families along both sides of the Connecticut River the accountability over these ongoing radioactive leaks that they deserve."

-Paul Hodes " In light of new groundwater contamination issues, the agency is once again considering whether additional changes are necessary"

-Neil Sheehan

"And the overall goal was to make sure that when Vermont Yankee is
decommissioned beginning in 2012 that there will be no expense
to the taxpayers and ratepayers of Vermont. And that was
very important."

-VPR, April 14th 2010 "A lot of good has been brought back from Vermont Yankee. That plant is run very well. Yankee is a real good performer for Entergy."

-Brattleboro Reformer "If that's off the table, and Entergy is going to be responsible
for Vermont Yankee, and clean up their act, then yes I'd be
very wiling to entertain ongoing operation."

-WPTZ Plattsburgh "If the governor may recall, we had an issue
with Vermont Yankee and a few other
odds and ends."

-WCAX "" certain (Entergy Vermont Yankee) personnel did not clarify certain understandings and assumptions, which resulted in misunderstanding when viewed in a context different from the one understood to be relevant to the comprehensive reliability assessment.""

-Brattleboro reformer
" These test results continue to confirm that tritium is not posing a public health threat in the Connecticut River ... We will continue to monitor the situation, however, until the issue is resolved and we are sure there is no risk to the citizens of New Hampshire from the leak at Vermont Yankee."

-Vermont Deaprtment of Health (via Brattleboro Reformer) " I'm very much in favor of nuclear power, but I'm not in favor of continuing Vermont Yankee"

- ReadingEagle.com "There are huge questions left to be answered ... and some of the people who would be affected by this decision were not allowed to weigh in. This vote has huge implications for the workers at Vermont Yankee and subcontractors. To say they can just go get a job somewhere else isn't a plan."

-Seven Days
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