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The Joker : A Psychoanalysis - Casey Woodley

No description

Casey Woodley

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Joker : A Psychoanalysis - Casey Woodley

The Joker : A Psychoanalysis - Casey Woodley
The Joker's "Origins"
List of Disorders
: Energetic, Talkative, and Confident, Creativity & Productivity, can lead to risky behaviors.
Psychosexual Stages
The Joker seems to have been over gratified in the Oral stage, because he needs immediate gratification and he seems to be unaware that he does not control his environment.
The Latency stage does not apply to the Joker, because he did not consolidate the character habits he developed in the previous three stages.
Recommended Treatment
I would recommend that the Joker go through a series of sessions attempting to bring his unconscious into consciousness. There must be an underlying cause that he may be repressing, and if we could bring the truth to the surface and sort it out from the lies, we could better understand his actions. However, I believe that there is no real cure for any of his multiple disorders.
The Joker's Origins
Little is known of The Joker's true origins and up bringing...
"Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it be multiple choice!" - The Killing Joke (1988)"
Assuming that all of his stories are true, we can analyze the following...
-"Raised" by an Abusive Alcoholic Father and a Gambling Mother-
-Fell into a life of crime-
-In "The Killing Joke" he fails at a career in stand up comedy, then agrees to help mobsters with robberies. The heist goes wrong and he leaps into a chemical vat to avoid Batman-
-He's admitted into both Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum-
-After multiple jailbreaks, and doing talk therapy with psychiatrists, he seduces Dr. Harley Quinzel, who later helps him escape and becomes his side kick Harley Quinn-
-This brush with Batman changes his life forever and he becomes obsessed with killing him-
Compulsive Behavior
: performing an act persistently and repetitively without it leading to an actual reward or pleasure.
Grandiose Delusions
: grossly exaggerating belief of : self-worth, power, knowledge, identity.
Impulse Control Disorder
: an impulse, growing tension, pleasure from acting, relief from the urge and finally guilt which in his case does not arise.
: the co-occurrence of sadism and masochism in one person. The individual derives pleasure and gratification from either inflicting or receiving physical pain and/or humiliation.
During the Anal stage, he seems to have over gratified his ID and demanded immediate gratification, developing him into a self-indulgent person.
The Joker has a fixation in the Phallic stage, due to losing his mother to his abusive father who drove her away. This lead him to become an aggressive, over-ambitious, vain man.
Finally in the Genital stage, the Joker shows no concern in gratifying his desires symbolically and intellectually by means of friendship, a relationship, family, and adult responsibilities.
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