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Marriage Is a Private Affair

Marriage is a Private Affair.

Taraya Smith

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of Marriage Is a Private Affair

Marriage Is a Private Affair Exposition Nene and Nnaemeka were deciding on how to tell Nnaemeka's father about their engagement. Nene wanted him to write a letter to his father but he said it would be best if he told him in person. Rising Action he gets a letter from his father saying that he has found him the perfect christian wife. He gets to his fathers house and he tells him about Nene and they get into an argument. Climax he tells his dad about his engagement to Nene. His dad tells him that if he marries this woman he will disown him and he will never be allowed in his fathers house again. So Nnaemeka tells his father that he is going to marry Nene and there is nothing he can do about it. Then Nnaemeka leaves. Falling Action He goes back to Nene and they get married. For the next few years he has no contact with his father then he recieves a letter back from his father saying that it amazes him that he could be so unfeeling as to send him pictures of his wedding. Characters Nnaemeka - a young christan man living in Lasgos.
Nene - A young teacher with no parents.
Nnaemeka's father - a old man who was set in his ways and believed in arranged marriages. Setting this story is set in the late 1900's in a city and a village in Lasgos. Theme You don't know what you have till you lose it. This story can teach us that we should love the people that we have and not try to change them to what we believe they should be. Theme Plot- the sequence of events the maximum interest or tension first stage of a typical story plot follows the climax and shows the result of the important decision or action that happened at the climax conflict developes and the story builds toward the climax time and place of the action an underlying message about life or human natreure predict- i thoght that the story would be about a couple secretly married visualize- on page 902 "when NeNe read through this letter and looked at the mutiliated picture, her eyes filled with tears, and she began to sob connect- the way I connected with the story is that if my marriage had to be arranged by my parents I wouldnt want to marry that particular person. question- what does Okeke do when his son sends him a wedding photo? clarify- Okeke cuts off the part with NeNe and send it back evaluate- the overall story was quite intersting. How Nnaemekas father didnt want his son to marry NeNe becaouse of what she is. A Short Story By Chinua Achebe Summary- This story is about Nnameka marrying NeNe without his fathers approval. His father Okeke wants him to marry someone who is appropriate, who is Ibo and his marriage is not arranged by his father. When he sat down to tell his father about his marriage his father was ignoring him. Okeke did not like NeNe because she has a proer christian upbringing. Literature Terms Reading Strategies
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