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Networking 101/Creating an Elevator Speech

Tips on how to network effectively

Ron Orick

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Networking 101/Creating an Elevator Speech

What is Networking?
It is NOT asking for a job
"Networking is the deliberate process of exchanging information, resources, support and access in such a way as to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional success".
From Make Your Contacts Count, by Baber and Waymon
Getting Started Tips
Follow through on referrals and thank contacts in writing
Memorize your strengths and strong points
Bring padfolio and pen
Write some notes on the back of cards you collect
Be Professional and Polite
Important to make a good first impression
Dress well
Conduct yourself respectfully
Avoid drinking too much
Avoid discussing controversial topics (politics, religion, etc.)
Present yourself as someone worth getting to know
Network Online
Research blogs
Add your profile to ones beneficial
Keep track of who you've emailed and where you have posted so you can follow up
Join Professional Organizations
Look for groups in your field
Alumni organizations
Attend social functions of these groups
Attend Community Functions
Job fairs
Local festivals
Shake hands with as many people as possible
Final Suggestions
Risk rejection - Don't take it personally
No contact is too small
Every opportunity is a chance to meet new people
Introduce yourself to everyone you can
Move around the room
It is ok to introduce others into conversation
Get to know your contacts and maintain a connection with them
Try to remember one thing about each contact for next time
Be Prepared
Practice an introduction
Do your research
Bring resumes, business cards and a cell phone
Prepare Your Elevator Speech
Conversational, friendly, introductory information that you can deliver easily and quickly
Types you may need:
Marketing yourself
"Hello, my name is _______. I am a junior level marketing student at UAFS.
[What do I say next?]
What Should an Elevator Speech Include?
Who you are, plus a credential
A specific goal/career interest
What makes you qualified
A question or request for assistance
What NOT to include
Gender biases
Your age
Personal issues
Ron Orick
Babb Center for Student Professional Development
(479) 788-7019
How to Get Started
Start a conversation
Introduce yourself
Talk about the company
Weather, arts, leisure activity (if appropriate)
Speak clearly
Watch for time constraints
Key points:
What you do
What you want to do
Distinguishing factors
Lets give it a try!
Write it down first
Practice by yourself
Practice with a partner
Demonstrate Your Speech
You must successfully demonstrate your elevator speech before leaving class today.
Hi, my name is Mary Jones. I am currently a junior level Marketing major at UAFS. I have just finished my first internship with the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce, which provided the opportunity to network with lots of area business representatives. I'm hoping to find another internship in the marketing or sales area this summer in the Fort Smith area. I have always had an interest in marketing and I am also finding that I have a strong interest in sales. In the future, I'm hoping to combine these two and find a career that includes both areas. In noticed on your website that you have several sales opportunities and a student employment program. Do you also offer internships?
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