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World War II

AP Euro

Kristin Palomares

on 9 April 2012

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Transcript of World War II

War II
Lightning War
Japan's Pacific Campaign
The Holocaust
The Allied Victory
Germany Sparks A New War
The Fall of France
The Battle of Britain
The Mediterranean & the Eastern Front
The U.S. Aids Its Allies
Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor
Japanese Victories
The Allies Strike Back
An Allied Offensive
Taboo Review
The Holocaust Begins
"Final Solution"
Taboo Review
The Tide Turns on Two Fronts
The Allied Home Fronts
Victory in Europe
Victory in the Pacific
Europe & Japan in Ruins
Taboo Review
Devastation in Europe
Postwar Politics
Postwar Japan
Occupation Brings Change
Taboo Review
A Date Which Will Live In Infamy...
1 min
3 min
4:30 min
4 min
Tactics, Weapons, and the Holocaust
Nuclear Bombings
4 min
4 min
Nonagression Pact
Between Hitler and Stalin
Agreement not to fight one another
Secret: agreement to divide Poland and invade Baltic territories
September 1, 1939
Hitler Invades Poland
France and Great Britain Declare War
"lightning war"
Fast-moving airplanes & tanks followed by massive infantry forces
Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia fell w/o a struggle
One million troops sent in the middle of winter finally brought defeat
Phony War
Maginot Line
British and French fortifications along the German border
Siegfried Line
German fortifications along the French border
Ends with Hitler's invasion of Norway and Denmark
Hitler kept the Allies' attention on the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg while secretly sending troops through the Ardennes
Breaking Through The Maginot Line
Rescue At Dunkirk
German forces trap French forces near Belgium
Great Britain sends 850 ships
Carried 338,000 soldiers to safety
Germany Controlled
Puppet Govt.
WWI hero
Vichy France
Charles de Gaulle
French general
Established a government in exile in London
Free French Movement
Winston Churchill
British prime minister
"We shall fight..."
Erwin Rommel

Hitler: Take North Africa
Mussolini: Take Egypt
German commander of the Afrika Korps that defeated British
Nicknamed "Desert Fox"
War In The Balkans
Hitler wants to invade the USSR
Needs to take region in order to accomplish
Operation Barbarossa
Hitler's plan to invade USSR
Leningrad under siege
Planned to starve 2.5 million inhabitants
Attention turned to Moscow when Leningrad refussed to give up
Despite counterattack in the middle of winter, Hitler ordered "No retreat!"
500,000 German soldiers died
Neutrality Acts
Illegal to sell arms or lend money to nations at war
Roosevelt thought if the Allies fell, the US would be drawn into war
Lend Lease Act
President could lend or lease arms and supplies to any country vital to the U.S.
Atlantic Charter
Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly and issued a joint declaration
Promoted free trade and self-determination
Later served as the Allies' peace plan at the end of the war
U.S. unofficially joins the war after a German U-boat fired on a U.S. destroyer in the Atlantic
Non-Agression Pact
Phony War
Maginot Line
Siegfried Line
Vichy France
Charles de Gaulle
Winston Churchill
Erwin Rommel
Neutrality Acts
Lend-Lease Act
Atlantic Charter
Taboo Review
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
U.S. fleet in Hawaii was "a dagger pointed at [Japan's] throat'
U.S. was aware of Japan's plans for Southeast Asia
Solution: send aid to China to protect U.S. colonies
Japan overthrew Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos)
Solution: cut off oil shipments to Japan
December 7, 1941
Within 2 hours, 19 ships were sunk/damaged
2,300 Americans killed
1,100 Americans wounded
"Asia for Asiatics"
however, they acted like conquerors
Bataan Death March
Japanese considered surrender dishonorable
POW were viewed with contempt
Forced march of 70,000 prisoners over 50 miles
Only 54,000 survived
Bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities
Psychological turning point
Battle of Coral Sea
New warfare strategy
Airplanes taking off from aircraft carriers attacked ships
Despite losing more lives, the Allies stopped Japanese advancement
Battle of Midway
Key American airfield
Allied code talkers warned of Japanese advancement
U.S. won
Douglas MacArthur
Commander of Allied Pacific troops
"island-hop" method
Battle of Guadalcanal
Japan abandons the "island of death"
Battle of Guadalcanal
Douglas MacArthur
Island Hopping
Battle of Midway
Battle of Coral Sea
Bataan Death March
Pearl Harbor
the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored mass slaughter of jews and other groups judged inferior by the Nazis
Hitler's program of genocide (the systematic killing of an entire people)
Promotion of the purity of the Aryan race
Had to eliminate other races, nationalities, and groups viewed as "subhumans"
Concentration Camps
Final Solution
Wansee Conference
Evian Conference
Nuremberg Laws
Stalin wanted to establish a two-fornt war against Germany
Instead, Churchill and Roosevelt focus on North Africa and southern Europe
The North African Campaign
General Bernard "Monty" Montgomery
Took control of British forces in North Africa
Battle of El Alamien: Rommel's army defeated
Operation Torch
Allied force of 100,000+ troops
Landed in Moroccco and Algeria under the leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower
Official defeat of Rommel's Afrika Korps
Battle of Stalingrad
German army stalled in Leningrad and Moscow
Bad winter made situation worse
General Friedrich Paulus's 6th Army was ordered by Hitler to capture industrial centers in the area
Lutwaffe issued nightly bombing raids that allowed them to control 90% of the city
Winter weather allowed Russians to cut-off supplies to Germans
The Invasion of Italy
U.S. & G.B. take Sicily
Mussolini arrested by King Victor Emmanuel III
Italy surrenders
Germany takes northern Italy and puts Mussolini back in power
Allies invade Rome
Mussolini, disguised as a German soldier, was caught outside of Milan. He was then shot and hung.
Mobilizing for Total War
Shortage of consumer goods
Japanese Internment Camps
4 min
June 6, 1944
Code-named Operation Overlord
Allied invasion of France
Dummy army set-up to trick HItler into thinking the Allies would attack Calais
Three million troops invaded Normandy
Battle of the Bulge
"This battle is to decide whether we shall live or die...All resistance must be broken in a wave of terror"
Germany had to fight a two-front war
Pushed into weak American defenses
Allies eventually pushed back
Germans retreated
Germany's Unconditional Surrender
Allies moved into the Rhine
The Soviets approached from the east
Hitler married his long time companion, Eva Braun
They both then committed suicide
May 7, 1945: General Eisenhower accepted the Third Reich's surrender
May 9, 1945: V-E Day, Victory in Europe Day
2 Min
The Japanese Retreat
Japanese suicide pilots
Battle of Iwo Jima
Battle of Okinawa
American marines win
Bloody land battle where the Japanese lost over 100,00 troops and the Americans 12,000
The Japanese Surrender
Manhattan Project
August 6, 1945
August 9, 1945
Little Boy
Enola Gay
Fat Man
General Douglas MacArthur
Fat Man
Little Boy
Battle of Okinawa
Battle of Iwo Jima
V-E Day
Eva Braun
Battle of the Bulge
Japanese Internment Camps
Victor Emmanuel III
El Alamien
General Bernard "Monty" Montgomery
Operation Torch
Battle of Stalingrad
General Friedrich Paulus
Communist Party
Membership initially skyrocketed in France and Italy until their economies began to recover
Nuremberg Trials
Internation Military Tribunal
Represented 23 nations
Dealt with issue of Nazi "crimes against humanity"
Country was in ruins...
2 million dead
Major cities, like Tokyo, were destroyed
Stripped of its colonial empire
General MacArthur didn't want to plant the seeds of future war
disbanding of armed forces
process of creating a government elected by the people
Pushed government to sell land of absentee landlords to tenant farmers at reasonable prices
New Constitution In Japan
Most important change
Emperor no longer had divine right
Emperor's power decreased
2 house parliament
Selected a prime minister
Passed a bill to protect basic freedoms
Nuremberg Trials
Persecution & Emigration
Star of David
40k Jews left = 10% of Jewish population of Germany
Only 30% of original Jewish population remained in Germany
Public Book-Burning
Nuremberg Laws
"Germans beware! The owners of this shop are parasites and gravediggers of German trade. They pay their German workers starvation wages. The owner is the jew Nathan Schmidt"
Wansee Conference
The only solution to the "problem of the Jews"
Evian Conference
Discussed wave of Jewish emigration
Decided not to intervene
Legal Jew = 3-4 Jewish grandparents
& Segregation
"sacrifice by fire"
CBS News
* Extra Enrichment 12 min
What role did blitzkrieg play at the start of WWII?
What drove Japan's Pacific campaign and what steps were taken by the Allies to thwart it?
Why and how did the Holocaust occur?
How did the Allies win the European Campaign during WWII? The Pacific Campaign?
12 min
Island Hopping/Leapfrogging
the strategy employed by the United States to gain military bases and secure the many small islands in the Pacific
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