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rabiya aftab

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Roll no: 7 Mission
Statement “Bareeze` is committed
provide its customers
embroidered fabrics” HASSAN RIAZ
Roll No: 56

Bareeze’s resolve to excellence and
decades of experience with success has enabled
it to extend its product range and
provide its clientele with a varied and
extremely creative collection of Ready-to-Wear,
Pret and Home Textile collections covering
all age groups.
“Bareezé is a trendsetter in
the mainstream
fashion industry” BAREEZE
BRANDS Bareezé has created powerful brands
on corporate identity packages.
Their identity is scalable, expandable
and reflects their company’s attitudes
and goals creating a brand personality
that will engage consumers and
get them excited about
Bareezé products. LOGOS Design is developed for every specific fabric.
Fabric comes in raw from which is later on designed
by the designers.
Bareezé fields of services are:
Embroidery on all types of fabrics including chiffon, organza, velvet, cotton, silk, net, denim, jersey, interlocks
Dyeing of pure cottons, blend of cotton. DESIGNS “Product is anything that can be offered to market to satisfy a want or need.”
Bareezé products include:
Variety Designs
Brands Warranties
Brand name Sizes
Quality Features
Packaging Returns
Services PRODUCT Bareezé group has more than 30 years of
experience in the textile manufacturing and retail
business. This has
equipped them with the expertise and understandings
of the parameters critical in accomplishing
excellence in standards.
They have completed their ISO 9003 certification
and rate fully geared to provide products and
services that meet their customer’s high
and competitive quality expectations. QUALITY
STANDARDS They do offer warranty of 45 days
but with the receipts of original bill.
Bareezé facilitates only replacements,
not the returns. Replacements must be
within the same brands, within
45 days. It should not contain any
damage or stain. WARRANTIES AND RETURNS With the dress for every occasion their
apparels fashioned in original:
Net jamanwar
Swiss lawn
Cotton karandi FABRIC Bareezé use “value based pricing” for
its products. The use of only the best
materials and unflinching resolve not to
compromise on quality couples with the use
of best Swiss textile machinery enables
them to produce embroider fabrics
which compare favorably
with the best in world. PRICING
STRATEGY Bareezé is a multinational which is
constantly progressing with the adoption
of effective pricing strategies.
Adapting effective Pricing Strategy with
its proper implementation boast the sales
and profitability and organization
is able to gain huge
market share. PRICING
Roll No: 22 Advertisement Sales Force Sales Promotion Personal Relations Direct Marketing Online Marketing PROMOTION ADVERTISEMENTS Billboards
Posters DIRECT
MARKETING Direct Mails
Mobile Phone Marketing MARKET
Luxurious Silks
Sher Organza
Chic Chiffons
Developing range of innovative
products. BENEFITS OF MARKET SEGMENTATION More Effective Products
Appropriate Pricing
Distribution and Communication
Clearer Picture of Its Competitors TARGET MARKET
STRATEGIES Bareezé is focusing on single segment marketing strategies. With this strategy, Bareezé gains a strong knowledge of the segment needs and achieves a strong market presence. MARKET
POSITIONING Giving an image that leaves long term impression on the consumer is a bias
of their enthusiasm and creating
awareness in the right segment with
right tool is
the crux of their expertise. Value Proposition High Quality Products
Rich Colors
Sophistication PLACE Channels
Marketing System
Distribution Strategies
Distribution Center
Locations ANUM KHAN Roll no: 026 SWOT ANALYSIS
Bareeze Popularity:
Bareeze has developed a very good brand
image of high quality and trendiest clothes for
every age group of females and males.

Good will:
With over three decades of commitment to
quality, Bareeze is today, a recognized
brand for quality products in the domestic and international markets. STRENGTHS Good reputation among its customers:
As in the era of hyper competition, Bareeze enjoys its customer loyality.
Whatever the prices are, it always gain the loyalty of its valuable customers and customers are addicted to quality products of Bareezé and this is what the organization is trying for. In addition, the high financial position of the company is important part of its strength.
Although Bareezé has small market share but it attracts the upper class or elite class.
Image of Bareezé is well established due to its high quality product.
Bareeze products are of good quality and are durable and reliable. Bareeze products quality is according to international standards.

Bareeze is catering to the changing social trends for example the move towards more westernized clothing like ‘Leisure club’. LESS PRODUCTION CAPACITY
The weakness of Bareeze is that it doesn’t have enough production capacity to meet the demands of its customers. Therefore, they have depended on another vendor with whom they have some conflicts on and off. WEAKNESSES Keeping up with the pace of modern technology is another problem Bareeze is facing. For instance, the company’s Management information system is still not complete. It is giving the company few problems but they are trying their level best to complete it in near future. TECHNOLOGY The company has many opportunities right now in Pakistan. This business has so much potential and it is yet to explore.

They can expand their business in so many different directions, according to the CEO of Bareeze (Pvt.) ltd. OPPORTUNITIES Due  to  media  exposure  to  the  western  culture  the younger generations in Pakistan is becoming more and more westernized. This change in the society has worked in favor of fashion store like Bareeze that sell trendy western and eastern outfits for both men and women but for Ideas by Gul Ahmed, this is a territory yet to enter The marketing strategies of competitors are of great threat to Bareezé. In addition to this china market is the alligator as far as threats are concerned THREATS Lack of worker continuity, or employee turnover, is one of the major threats faced by Bareeze in today’s competitive environment. Recruiting and training new employees can eat up valuable time and resources. EMPLOYEE TURNOVER: COMPETITORS: Another area of challenge for Bareeze is the economic uncertainty. The future uncertainty of global economic markets makes economic planning difficult for Bareeze. ECONOMIC CHALLENGES: Bareeze Brands include:
•Home Expressions
•Minnie Minors

Right now, there’s a great demand of the products produced by this company.Therefore, the company has a really strong position in the industry. They are one of the top women wear manufacturers present in Pakistan.
Financial position of the company is really strong. The company is getting great response from the customers. People love to shop from Bareeze. They also have seasonal sales in which they give discounts to their customers. Their outlets are increasing swiftly and there sales are touching the sky’s.To meet the required needs of its customers they are trying to increase the reproduction capability. They have huge profit margins. Therefore, the company is doing extremely well financially. FINANCIAL POSITION SUCCESS STORY
Roll No: 32 Used to measure brand perception among public.
Experiential Brand Perception Index VISUAL LOGO
While thinking of particular product first thing that comes into mind is of logo .
Attractive logos have an impact on customers perception.
Due to logo’s importance 35% weightage is given. Product Range
Product range means entire no of offerings present at retail outlet.
Different types of product
Often synonymous with “one stop shop”
40% weightage given to product range Innovation
Novelty of design incorporated in each of products , how uniquely products are different from its competitors
According innovation importance 20% weightage is given. VISUAL VISUAL BPI of bareeze with its competitors(VISUAL) VERBAL Tagline
Taglines are necessary part of creating new company brand image
Brands are enhanced through the use of powerful taglines
Weightage given to tagline is 20% Advertisement
Used to encourage or persuade audience
35% weightage is given to advertisement VERBAL VERBAL Word of Mouth
Most important verbal driver
Whatever a business do , good or bad, people will talk it
45% weightage is given to verbal driver word of mouth BPI of bareeze with other competitors (verbal) EXPERIENTIAL Store outlook
Plays an important role in decision making process of buyer
Appealing colors have positive effect on purchases
30% weightage is given to store outlook Customer care
Includes behavior and interaction of employees with customers
How deep the company goes into establishing a one to one relationship of employees and customers
30 % weightage is given to customer care EXPERIENTIAL EXPERIENTIAL Quality
Quality is something that customer conceives but understands it after the trial of product.
An important factor , 30% weightage is given CONCLUSION THANK YOU
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