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No description

Rebecca M

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of AASCD

What do kids REALLY need in order to do this?
Owning it & Earning it
The big "duh" about lecturing.
What are 3 qualities of a great teacher?
Got to Get High(er)
Likert Scales in the English Classroom
Close reading w/ visual texts
Paragraph Notes
4 Eyes: Using quads to help with perspectives
Quick Draw / Scribblequizz
Tic-Tac-Toe Synthesis
"Wait until you have to live in the REAL WORLD!"
StoryCorps Project
Structured Academic Controversies
Saving Steinbeck
Burbank Kids in Peril
The Student Store NEEDS you!
Credo Project/Lenses of Perspective/Identity
Wonderwall/Genius Hour/20% Time
CORE-ing your work
Add a layer of challenge or difficulty
Add in a choice aspect for students
Re-imagine how you
or your students
will grade this
Add in a structured
academic controversy
Add in a visual text to support/supplement the conversation
Create a claim or essential question to go with this activity/unit
Pair a text with it
Make a real world connection
Add an inquiry moment
Add in a speaking/listening component
Is there something you can take away?
Flexible Project Parameters
Welcome to EngChat!
Close Reading is RE-reading
Layer 1: 7 seconds (create the itch)
Layer 2: 45 seconds (with partner)
Layer 3: No time constraints
What does the text state?
How do you know?
What does that infer?
Recently, the Copenhagen Zoo euthanized Marius, one of their male giraffes, in an effort to maintain the purity of their giraffe populations' genetic species. Zoos often have internationally sanctioned breeding programs that ethically require them to maintain their populations this way.

Take 5 minutes and write a few thoughts you have on this matter.
1: 10 year old boy
2: Copenhagen Zoo PR Director
3: Animal Rights Activist
4: Wildlife Biologist
Step 1:
On a post-it note write one thing you hope to learn during our time together today.
Step 2:
On another post-it note, make a list of 5 things that you love, that you spend time on, or that inspire you.
The Wall of Us
Managing the Classroom
Use Employees to create do-ers and decision makers
Use a system for engaging them during responses/classroom discussions
appointment books, birthday parties, playing cards
forecast who/how/when you'll call on kids
everyone answers the question
I don't know...yet.
phone a friend - phone a teacher
Poll Everywhere
Yesterday--Today--Tomorrow: increases retention by 50
To engage & retain we have to challenge them
Likert Scales into 4-Corners w/stems
Kid-made Rubrics
Flexible grouping
Lone Wolves/SuperDuos
Fair is not always equal!
Step 3:
Go back
& check
if your
by this

Step 4:
else you

Step 5:

Firing on all Cylinders
Engaging Kids
in a
Common Core Era
Rebecca Mieliwocki
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