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SUNY Online Summit 2011 - SLN Update

No description

carey hatch

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of SUNY Online Summit 2011 - SLN Update

SUNY Online Summit - SLN Update LMS Update Doodle Report
Thanks to:
Greg Ketcham
Keith Landa
Kyle Brown
Ken Charuk
Tony DeFranco
Michael Heise
Ryan McCabe
Pam Youngs-Maher
Clark Shah-Nelson Next steps SLN
Conclude BB Negotiations
Review with Senior Admin
Determine SLN Services for BB
Wait on campus decisions
Follow procedures for new services SLN Future Services beyond LMS Planning with Advisory Board Understanding the Environment Reality for 2012-14
SLAs expire June 2012
ANGEL Hosting and Helpdesk
most likely be extended
Education and Marketing may change Innovative Instruction
Transformation Team
Thinking about a revisioned SLN
Expanding Research
Expanding Professional Development
Enhancing learning opportunities
Supported by Digital Learning Commons and Concierge Services Filters for new services Negotiations Visits to campuses
staring this month Campuses
Review Doodle Report
Analyze LMS needs
Await BB pricing and SLN Services
Make decisions
Plan migration strategy and contracting if appropriate Questions and discussion
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