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Eleven by Sandra Cisneros

No description

Becky chavez

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Eleven by Sandra Cisneros

Eleven by Sandra Cisneros
Eleven By Sandra Cisneros is about a quiet eleven year old girl, Rachel, who found herself silenced by her age when things were not going right.
Sandra Cisneros was born on December 20, 1954 in Chicago. Sandra is an American writer however she comes from a Hispanic background with her father being mexican and her mother being Chicana. Sandra grew up with six brothers making her the only girl in her family.
The setting takes place in Mrs. Price's classroom on Rachel's eleventh birthday.
Main Characters
Ms. Price
Sylvia and Phyllis
Literary Device
Ms. Price- Teacher
Sylvia and Phyllis- classmates
Parents- Rachel's mother and father
In Sandra Cisneros's short story, Eleven, the main character Rachel shares the details of her embarrassing eleventh birthday and how she wishes her mentality was similar to an adult.
In the short story Ms. Price is Rachel's teacher. The teacher is impatient, uncaring, and unthoughtful.
Rachel is quiet and shy in the story. Rachel plays the role as a victim.
Sylvia and Phyllis are Rachel's classmates. Sylvia is very loud and Phyllis seems unsympathetic. In the short story Sylvia is the bully.
Rachel's parents symbolize comfort.
"When your eleven, you're also ten, & nine, & eight, & seven, & six, &five, & four, & three, & two, & one!"
Irony - verbal, dramatic, and situational.
Everyone has a voice regardless of age, our morals should always be heard.
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