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Oskar Shindler


steven grondalski

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Oskar Shindler

Oscar Shindler By: Steven Grondalski Auschwitz Shindler's List How Schindler saved the jews from the S.S. concentration camps -When he was born -Where he was born He died in Hildesheim in 1974 Front cover Stamped Auschwitz Sept 17, 1944
Concentration Camp Auschwitz
These are the rules to abide by the inmates
1.Every inmate may send two letters or cards to his relatives per month. All letters must be written and legible. Only normal size paper and envelops are permitted. Only 5 stamps are permitted to be received in letters. Any other paper or pictures will be burned.
2.Money orders are onloy permitted through Bank Vouchers.
3.Newspapers are allowed but must be ordered the K. L Auschwitz.
4.Inmates may receive care packages. Liquid and medications are forbidden.
5.Petitions for release from this institution are always voided.
6.Personal visit of inmates to the Institution are positively not permitted.
The Camp Commander

Josef Dusio

Inside:Auschwitz date Sept 10, 1944
Dear Parents and loved ones! Yesterday I received a letter from you which I enjoyed very much. Every letter I receive from you brings us much joy. I am pleased that you work at your previous place of employment. I would like to know where Heinz works? The last package I received was Sept 8, everything was in order (Ok) except the cake was rotten, the next time you send me a package, send me a cake again; wrap it in smaller pieces and dried. The news of my new work place and the train (transport cart) makes me very happy. I hope that soon that many others including myself meet Uncle Gatrych. Send greetings to the future wife Miss Linzie (Lucy) and please ask her to write me and let me know if she is Mrs. Kluczyk? My dear parents send greetings to the Danusia (family)and her mother. I am ending my letter to you with a thousand kisses.
Your son and brother.
Greetings for Natasha and Heinz Hausman

Back cover
My AddressParole officer
Stanislaw Dusio
Birthday Oct 15, 1926K.L. Auschwitz office
Prisoner number120148Post Office 2Section (block) 4 B Translation of letter front page 1 and 2 back cover Identification JH
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