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Water Transportation in the Philippines

No description

Gerlie Rose Pelobello

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Water Transportation in the Philippines

Water Transportation in the Philippines
Shipping Companies in the philippines
Maritime Disasters in the Philippines
MV Doña Paz - December 20, 1987.
MV Princess of the Orient - September 1998.
SuperFerry 14 - February 27, 2004
MV St. Thomas Aquinas - August 16, 2013
MV Doña Paz
It is the largest ferry company in the Philippines with its main hub located in Eva Macapagal Super Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.
Cebu Ferries
A shipping company based in Batangas City and Cebu City, Philippines. Its hubs were Batangas Port in Batangas and Pier 4 in Cebu City. It is now part of 2GO Travel.

Cebu Ferries
Cokaliong Shipping Lines
International Container Terminal Services Inc.
Montenegro Lines
Negros Navigation
Roble Shipping Inc.
Sulpicio Lines
Gothong Lines
Trans-Asia Shipping Lines
Weesam Express
main port Batangas City in the Philippines.
It operates passenger, cargo and roll-on/roll off (RORO) for vehicular traffic traveling
Montenegro Shipping Lines (MSLI)
Negros Navigation Co. Inc.
It was one of the oldest domestic shipping companies in the Philippines. It was also one of the largest companies in the passenger transport business in the Philippines.
Sulpicio Lines
Carlos A. Gothong Lines
popularly known as CAGLI
It is a passenger and cargo ferry company based in
Cebu, Philippines
1st domestic shipping company in the country to be certified by the International Safety Management Code standard.
the line had changed its corporate name to "Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation"
Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Incorporated (TASLI)
March 25, 1974 as Solar Shipping Lines, Inc.
The company are in the field of cargo handling, passage and route development.
Weesan Express
Weesan Express main port of call is Zamboanga City.
The shipping line has seven passenger vessels.
Maritime Disasters in the Philippines
a passenger
ferry that sank
after colliding
into the
MT Vector
4,386 people were killed during
the sinking
the collision resulted in
the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in
Maritime Disasters in the Philippines
MV Princess of the Orient
a passenger
ferry owned
by Sulpicio
sank off
Fortune Island
388 passengers
150 were killed
Maritime Disasters in the Philippines
SuperFerry 14
Islamist terrorist
attack that resulted
the sinking
Philippines' deadliest terrorist attack
The world's deadliest terrorist attack at sea.
116 people died
Maritime Disasters in the Philippines
MV St. Thomas Aquinas
passenger ferry
operated by 2GO Travel
On 16 August 2013, the vessel collided with a cargo ship named MV Sulpicio Express Siete
there were 61 dead and 59 missing with 750 rescued as a result of the accident
Latest Trends in Water Transportation
Pasig River Ferry Service
water-based transportation that cruised the Pasig River.
owned and operated by SCC Nautical Transport Services Incorporated.
Top 5 Busiest Seaports in the
Philippines According to Total Passengers (2010)
the largest passenger ships ever constructed
MS Allure of the Seas
1. Cebu Port
14,959,225 passengers
2. Batangas Port, Batangas City

5,293,472 passengers
3. Calapan Port, Calapan City
3,774,713 passengers
4. Osamis Port, Osamis City
3,374,459 passengers
5. Mucas Port, Tubod, Lanao del Norte
3,069,451 passengers
The world’s longest underground river system accessible to man can be found at the St. Paul National Park in the province of Palawan.
did you know:
RMS Carpathia (vessel) is
the ship that rescues the
survivors of Titanic.
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