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Bioinformatics-a new discipline

No description

Usman Mirza

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Bioinformatics-a new discipline

A new Discipline

an interdisciplinary field that develops and improves on methods for storing, retrieving, organizing and analyzing biological data.
Bioinformatics is referred as Practical Computer Science
(Bielefeld University, Germany)

Computer science has provided highly useful tools for collecting, exchanging and analyzing data
Modeling and simulation of Data
Finding the right data structure or algorithm can give answers to life science problems
Computer science’s computational paradigm has shaped new modes of inquiry in life sciences

Cellular Interactions
DNA-Protein Interactions?
Protein-Protein Interactions?
Leonard Adleman, Professor of computer science and of molecular biology at the University of Southern California
Drug-protein Interactions?
Lipid-Protein interactions?
Real? Fake?

Systems Biology?
Major Research Areas:
Sequence analysis
Genome annotation
Computational evolutionary biology
Literature analysis
Analysis of gene expression and regulation
Analysis of protein expression
Mutational analysis
Comparative genomics
Protein structure prediction
Molecular interactions
Network and systems biology
High-throughput data analysis

Computer Science teaches development of computational tools to acquire, store, organize, archive, analyze and visualize data

Thank you.
Usman Mirza
has argued that life can be equated with computation NA is both bricks and blueprint - an engineer's dream
One gram of DNA can store as much information as a trillion compact discs

Professor Donald KnuthStanford
Eminent computer scientist, Donald Knuth of Stanford University
has emphasized the importance of life science and its connectedness
with computer science.

Gio WiederholdStanford University
The field of bioinformatics is scary for many people, because it is a multidisciplinary field.
Bioinformatics is a valuable discipline unless Universities encourage it, shortage of qualified people in the field will increase
William Gelbart, Harvard University
With our new ways of harvesting massive data, we have to figure out
what to do with them and how to learn from them.

Human Body as an
Information Processing Machine
Information/ Data
Nucleotides (4)
Amino Acids (20)
DNA (3GB Space~3 billion Base Pairs)

Protein Synthesis
And such other processes

Computation in Human Body
Life Science Vs Computer Science
Protein Structure?

Cell-Cell Interactions
a biology-based inter-disciplinary field of study that focuses on complex interactions within biological systems
Biological Networks?
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