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5 Themes Of Geograpy: Dallas, Texas

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Randell Watts

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of 5 Themes Of Geograpy: Dallas, Texas

Place: Physical Characteristics
The Landforms of Dallas, Texas are Taylor Marl, Austin Chalk,Eagle Ford Shale, and Woodbine Sandstone. The land there is hard, yet moist. The bodies of water there are Galveston Bay, Trinity River, San Jacinto River, and The Gulf of Mexico. The temperatures can be cool in the Spring, but temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees. Dallas grows Corn, Beans, Onions, Peaces, Wheat, Tomatoes, Rice. The animals in Dallas are Cows, Coyotes, Possum, Skunks, Deer, Snakes, Horses, Armadillos, and Longhorns.
5 Themes of Geography: Dallas, Texas
Place: Human Characteristics
There are 1,241,162 people in Dallas, Texas. The religions are Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist. The Cultural Influences of Dallas, Texas is Cowboys, The State Fair, Margo and Bill Yinspear, The Opera House, and Football. The Types of Government )City Council, City Manager, Mayor, etc are all in a . The Bridge is Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The Tourist Attractions are Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden, Six Flags, and The World Aquarium. The Famous Parks in Dallas are Cottonwood Park, White Rock Lake, Reverchon Park, Bob Woodruff Park, and Celebration Park.
5 Themes of Geography
Human-Environment Interaction
People move to share ideas and goods. they move by electronics, transportation, etc. Dallas ships in goods, electronics, products, and transportation (equipment). Dallas ships out corn, beans, rice, onions, peaches, wheat, and tomatoes.
Human-Environment Interaction
In Dallas, Texas, people depend on the environment by making a commitment to implement a visionary plan called EMS (Environment Management System). This improves the environment as well as saving of taxpayer dollars. People adapt to the environment by developing long range water supply storage plans, which included creating lake for future water supply needs. People modify the environment by starting a plan to recycle to stop water and air pollution. They also plan to improve the land by producing natural gas that replaces coal, which emits higher volumes of greenhouse gases.
The absolute location of Dallas, Texas is 33 degrees North, 97 degrees West. The relative location of Dallas, Texas is North of Waxahachie, and is South of University Park.
The region Dallas is in is the Southwest region or the Coastal Plains.
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