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Game Changer Ahead

Efficiencies with Technology

Tim Clifford

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Game Changer Ahead

Cleaners are people who work to keep buildings in good condition and make sure that they stay sanitary.
In almost all situations we can use technology to make our job easier and more efficient. What are some of the new products that you use today that are different from when you started?
As with many jobs, you must be able to balance work and your personal life. Our goal is to help you have more time to obtain more business, or to spend with your families.
Are you looking for something that will make your job easier and more efficient?
We use chemistry everyday in our jobs. We create chemical reactions in order to clean windows, wash desks, sanitize washrooms and so on With Vert2Go cleaning products you can be confident that you are using the safest environmentally friendly products available today. They use smart chemistry!
Not having modern, productive equipment can limit the types of jobs that you can go after.
What is the last piece of technology that you purchased? Is it doing what you thought it would?
Here are some important terms...

ROI -Return on Investment
Cost of operation
Sqft - Sqft/hr.
ISSA standards
Sample – damp mopping – 16oz – 4,100 sqft - 24 oz – 5,000 sqft.
Sample – Microfiber Flat mop – 18” Breakaway – 9,593 sqft.
Sample - 14” upright vac 2,857 sqft
Sample - Back Pack Vac 7,407 sqft
Sample – Wide Area Vac 32” 15,000 sqft

Without people devoting their work to cleaning up messes, the world would be a dump. Let's look at some some keys to help unlock some doors you may be facing...
Efficiencies with Technology
Work Smarter - Not Harder
Pro Team Supercoach
Windsor Chariot
We know that new equipment purchases
can be stressful.
We offer financing with two exciting programs...
1. One year financing with No Interest!
2. Up to 3 year financing on larger items!
To date Jani-King nationally has financed over 33 machines totaling over $100,000.
It's Easy!
Rubbermaid DVac
One Pass Cleaning
Keys to Success
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