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Staff Induction Training

No description

John Bailey

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of Staff Induction Training

Why is sustainability important to Universities?
Responsibility – role as educators and researchers
Response to Government policy
HEFCE “Sustainable Development in Higher Education” 2008 - linking carbon to CIF funding
Legislation/ regulation
MONEY! ££$$£ (Rising costs of resources)
Reputation – league tables
LSE & UCL highest in UoL (26th, 29th)
Carbon / Energy Reduction
Aspiration: 0% by 2036.
University aspirational targets:
43% by 2020
(based on a 2009/10 baseline)
Surpassed in 2016/17 at 47%
Visions of the future?
What have we been doing?
Sustainability at
The University of

Will you be a sustainability leader?
Sustainable Food
Thank you!
Follow the frog
So far we've cut carbon 47% through efficiency saving, innovative energy saving technology and through behaviour change projects.
What is Sustainability Anyway?
“Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (The Brundtland Commission 1987).

“The concept of living within our limits”

“Sustainability is not just about cleaning up your own room it’s about keeping tidy an even bigger room that belongs to everyone”

Used in:
- LCD Monitors
- Touchscreens (iPad iPhone)
- Laptops

13 years left if the world consumes at the current rate

4 years if the world consumes at half the rate of the USA
We only have one planet........
but if everybody in the world lived as we do in the UK we would require..........
Three Planets!!!
Global Population
The global population is increasing
7.6 billion today, predicted to be over 8 billion by 2025
How much does the University of London spend on energy in a year?
£2,690,000 per year!
How many tonnes of CO2 did the University emit from energy use last year? (1 tonne = 1 hot air balloon)
7,797 tonnes CO2!
(1 every hour 7 min)
How much waste does the University produce in a year?
889 tonnes (198 elephants!)
Carbon emissions have fallen 47% since 2010

Saving eqv. of around £1m per year

voltage optimisation
new boilers
Recycling in Halls
New method of recycling has helped to improve rates from 20% up to over 60%
food waste goes into the 'last resort' bin
so what is recyclable?
So where does the waste go?
what becomes of your waste?
Plastic - bottles, bags, seats, insulation, fleece, bins
Glass - new glass bottles, roads
Paper - loo roll, newspaper, posters, books
Card - new cardboard, paper bags
Tins & cans - new tins & cans, car parts, bicycles
Electronics - jewellery, phones, ships
'The average speed in London is less today than in the horse and cart era' - BBC
rush hour: 7mph - normal average: 9mph
How do we compare?
UoL's carbon footprint was 8,816 tonnes in 2016
UK League Table top 10 emitters:
1. Tesco 1,534,084
2. Ministry of Defence 1,335,830
3. BT 1,236,137
4. Sainsbury's 939,849
5. Morrisons 826,590
6. ASDA 772,117
7. Esso 647,051
8. Thames Water 624,558
9. The Co-Operative 542,680
10. Severn Trent 487,749

28. UoL (all of us) 226,452

what can you do?
Make use of cycle facilities
Take the tube / bus
Use Santander Cycles
what about international?
try: www.seat61.com
waste & recycling
landfill is full!
1/3 all food bought in the UK ends up in the bin (£8bn)
The University keeps bees

More diverse planting in the squares and gardens the University owns

Potential for food growing
only free range eggs
Sustainable Food Policy
Fairtrade drinks/snacks
Sustainable fish & meat
Seasonal fruit & veg
Food for Life Bronze
Leadership lessons from the shirtless dancing guy
could the world be carbon neutral?
end of term re-use
last year students raised £18,000 for the British Heart Foundation!
Become a champion!!
following a successful pilot project with our staff 2 years ago we now develop a champions group each year!
make your dept. the best
lots of fun
positive impact
good way to meet staff
what do residents think?
'for the price we pay environmental issues are not of concern'
'this is a horrible system'
'this is stupid'
'the bin in the pantry is faaaaaar away'
'nobody is using this recycling system'
'more FAIR in the Hall... to have possibility to SELL £1-£2 many things I am NOT using'
sustainability is sexy!
What can I do?!
stylish sweaters
banish the draught
expose the radiator!
speedy kettle
switch it off!
print less
(that's 102 elephants recycled by the way!)
£1,000 saved for every hour of
champion engagement!
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