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No description

Emma Johnson

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Zootopia

Call to Adventure
When Judy is little, she is at a farmers market/ fair with her family when she discovers her friends being bullied by a fox named Gideon Grey. She stands up to him even though she is much smaller, and she decides from there on she wants to become a police officer. This is a job no bunny has ever done before.
Refusal to the call
When Judy is older and is ready to leave bunnyburrow and head to zootopia to become part of the force, she has trouble leaving her family. But she knows this has been her dream and she finds the courage to leave.
Crossing the first threshold
When Judy goes against Cheif Bogo's orders and promises that she will find Mr. Otterton, she is crossing the first threshold. Chief Bogo then tells her that if she does not solve the case in 48 hours, that she is fired from the force. She accepts this challenge, and is all in to solve the case.
Meeting with the mentor
When Judy first meets Nicholas Wilde the fox, she thinks he is a dad trying to buy his kid a popsicle. She finds out he tricked her however and they become a sort of enemies. But in the end, Nick is the one who helps her along her journey and motivates her.
Themes: Quest- Judy is on a quest for her dream as a police officer ; Outcast- Judy is a bunny and bunnies are not supposed to be police officers.

Birth/Ordinary World
Judy Hopps, bunny and main character of the movie, is born in a place called bunnyburrow, your typical place for farming, and living a normal bunny life. Her parents farm and sell carrots, and are very afraid of change and of dreams.
Return with Elixir
All of the effected predators are taken to the hospital and recovered. Judy makes her statements about predators being a part of something and that anyone can be anything that they want to be. Bellweather is put in jail and all of Zootopia now knows about the real happenings of the case.
The Hero's Journey
Road of Trials
From there on, Judy is working on the case. She goes back to Nick and convinces him to help her or otherwise she will charge him for tax evasion. Nick is forced to agree to help, and they start their adventure. They start off being captured by polar bears, and almost getting frozen by Mr. Big, and almost being killed by a predator black jaguar that went savage.
People like Mr. Big and Nick Wilde and Mayor Bellweather will be help for Judy. They both give her information and help her through the case.
Judy almost dies when she is with Nick in the jungle part of zootopia and is attacked by Manchas, a black jaguar who "goes savage." This is definitely a life or death moment for both Judy and Nick.
Reward/Ultimate Boon
After they are attacked, chief Bogo confronts Judy and says she is fired. Judy feels very upset and figures the case is over and she has to go back home, but Nick stands up for her. He says they still have time and that they are going to solve the case. This is a huge reward for Judy because they used to be enemies, and have now become friends and even partners.
Flight/The road back
When Judy finds the predators all locked up and solves the case, she is interviewed about what happened. In her interview she says predators are biologically dangerous and Nick becomes angry because he is a fox, and they fight. This makes Judy very upset and she decides she cannot work on the force anymore, so she goes back to bunnyburrow and starts to sell carrots with her family, giving up on her dream.
When Judy is back in Bunnyburrow she makes a realization about what is wrong with the predators, and decides to go find Nick and finish the case. They find the trailer with the sheep making the poison darts that is making animals go savage, and are almost killed in a huge trailer crash, but they make it out with the gun and some of the poison.
Type of Hero: Willing. Judy knows she wants to do whatever it takes to become an officer and save the world. She succeeds and is top of her class at officer training.
Type of Journey: I think it can be defined ad a journey of identity. Judy learns a lot about herself along the way and also learns what the world is like.
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