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The Pearl Song Project

No description

Shari Medina

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of The Pearl Song Project

The Pearl Song Project
Steinbeck uses songs throughout the novella to represent his characters' emotions. Think about the songs used throughout
The Pearl,
and the song play list we created during our reading analyzing those songs.

Choose one of the following three options and prepare to present to the class.

Hey, don't panic. We have several school days to work on this. I am going to show you lots of examples. This is going to be fun, I promise!
Option # 1

Find a school appropriate song that represents one of Kino's songs. Your song must have a similar theme and evoke the same emotional response. Provide a copy of the title and lyrics for the song. Type 2 to 3 paragraphs explaining how this song represents one of Kino's songs. You will analyze lyrics, mood and melody. Be prepared to present to the class.
Would you like to see an example?
Option #2

Change the lyrics of an existing song with a similar mood to represent one of Kino's songs. Record or perform this song live for the class.
How about some more examples?
Option #3

Write original lyrics for one of Kino's songs and add your own original music. Record or perform the song live for the class.
Example Song Structure

Verse #1 (4-6 lines)
Chorus (4-6 lines)
Verse #2 (4-6 lines)
Repeat Chorus (4-6 lines)
Bridge (3-4 lines)
Final Chorus (4-6 lines)
Let's get started!
You may work by yourself, or you may work with one
two other people. (3 person maximum group size.)
If you would like help finding a partner or group that wants to do the same option as you just ask, I will be glad to help
Open your google classroom assignment called "The Song Project"
Look at the criteria for each of the three song choice options
Discuss with your team or make your individual choice for which option you would like to work on completing and presenting to the class
Yes, you may share one document and edit it, but remember you must also turn in a paper copy of the requirements for your option
You must have my approval for your group and option choice
Three Student Examples
Student Example of Option #2 Changing the Lyrics of a Song
You may find these links helpful if you plan to create your own song, or you can search the internet for additional information and videos.
One last thing, this Prezi presentation is available as a link on your google classroom assignment as well as our class homework/agenda page so that you can easily use it as a reference.

Student example of "Riptide" with new lyrics and video changed to "Gulftide"
Student example of "Capture" with audio and with new lyrics.
Student example of audio and changing lyrics from "The Best Day of my Life"
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