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adriana martin

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Regionalism

Significant Authors & Works
American Literature
Depending on the area of the United States in which the specific Authors lived in, their Values and Beliefs change
Examples seen: The People in southern states have literature that conveys feeling of living life and loving it, while riding the waves on the sea of humor
Contrast: The authors from Northern states take time to write about faster more industrial life.
Regions created were effected by certain events that were happening in those specific areas.
Segregation, Klondike gold rush, New developments in buildings with the First Sky scraper, The Chicago Wolds Fair, Human Flight with the Wright brothers, and Natural disasters with the San Francisco Earthquake, and Missouri Tornadoes

Regionalism mainly took root from around 1880 to 1910.
It was unique from other American literature periods because during this time sever different genres rose in different regions of the U.S.A.
Writing influences
Writing Style/Values/Beliefs

Authors focused on one main character, there culture and their lifestyle in there region.
Mark Twain (Two Views of the River) & (Tom Sayer)
Edgar Lee Masters (Lucinda Matlock) & (Fiddler Jones)
Willa Cather (A Wagner Matinee)
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