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Anne Frank

No description

Rose Patterson

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Anne Frank

Magot Frank was
sixteen years old
and was first of the
Frank family to
be summoned for
deportation. Margot,
As well as Anne,
had feelings for Peter
VanDaan. Everyone
respected Margot for
her scholarly and quiet
nature. Along with her sister, Margot died of sickness at a concentration camp.;
Anne Frank was Margot Franks little sister. Unlike Margot who was quiet and scholarly Anne was a bit of a show off and quite the talker. She attracted many boy's attention and dated frequently before she had to go into hiding at the the Secret Annex. She lived in the Secret Annex for two years before being arrested and sent to a German concentration camp. She did not survive.
Anne Frank and Margot Frank were two sisters who
lived together during WW2. At the start of the
war the girl's went into hiding with their family,
their father's business partner Herman VanDann
and family, and elderly dentist Dr. Dussel. The two girls lived for two years in the Secret Annex until they were arrested and later killed in a German Concentration camp. Their differences and similarities come together to make an unforgettable story of hope,courage, and the will to survive.
Her diary is testimony to all she endured.
Anne and her sister both had a passion for reading and writing, and while they got along quite well their differences are nearly impossible to miss. While Anne was a chatterbox and very social Margot was quite and much more mature. Anne and her mother did not get along well while Margot got along quite well with her mother.
Anne and her sister despite their differences were
very close and would always seek each other out
for counsel and to vent. They both loved reading
and writing, kept a diary, and had an eye for Peter-
VanDann; who lived in the secret Annex with them.
Even though Anne was the one to actually
date Peter, Margot was not jealous, and even
congratulated Anne on winning Peter's heart
Margot was respected by both adults
and her sister for her quiet nature. Anne was not
jealous and greatly admired Margot calling her "beautiful"
and "darling."
Anne Frank and Margot Frank were
arrested in 1944, clinging to each other as
they boarded the trains that would take
them to a German concentration camp.

Sadly Anne and Margot Frank did not survive
the concentration camp. They are buried in a
mass-unmarked grave. Anne's diary is her legacy.
What would you do if you were faced with a
life or death situation? If your friends, family, and everything
familiar to you disappeared? Who would you turn to?

Anne and Margot Frank turned to each other.
They showed bravery and strength in the darkest
of their hours. They are a true inspiration to today's
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