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Rome P2

No description

waslat wisaal

on 20 February 2011

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Transcript of Rome P2

Rome R. E. C. I. P. E. R=Religion
System of Gods and Godess 12 most powerful Gods Chief God Jupiter Rome people made the pantheon Jupiter ruled the sky and all the gods and goddess Juno married Jupiter
ruled the godesses Juno was the Queen of the goddes she cann't rule the men Gods Juno represented the womens and marriage Rich soil Lakes,Rivers
Tiber river Hills, plains,mountains,and the volcano Mount Vesuvius clothing, art, music, holidays, sports,language and costoms
C= C= culture people in rome bulid the Panteon
They knew how to make things... Like the roads we drive on... The Romen soldiers made the roads out of clay,chlak, and put stones on the top to flat the top clothings...mens wear... peplos,stola,chiton,chamys,pulla Clothing womens wear...Pureand Toga sports
They were in the Olympics Music
Girls at home played music Mens liked music 2 Boys went 2 school in the age of 6- 16 and then learn how to be soliders Language = Latin They had holidays to worship their gods...
festivals... Bona Dea, Lupercaila,Sataralia,Consualia...
January 2 June for Augustus P=Politics=Goverment 3 Branches of Goverment
Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch and The Judicial Branch

They farmed, planted Veg.,fruits, chinkens for eggs,cows for milk and meat Thank you 4 waching I HOPE u learned something By:Waslat &Savannah and Alea Greek,Carthaginians45%,Ethrucans50%,Laths
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