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Introduction to Online Advertising

An introduction to PPC and SEO using online marketing company Atom42 as a case study

Dan Meakin

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Online Advertising

Dan Meakin Introduction to Online Advertising PPC Search - Display - Video Ad Rank = Bid x Quality Score Campaign Ad Group Ad Group Text
ads Keywords Text Ads Keywords Ad Group Text Ads Keywords SEO Actual cost =
Ranking of position below / QS of your ad + £0.01 atom42 guide to SEO Atom42 Online marketing guide SEO PPC Text ads Keywords Text Ads Tracking and Analytics Text Ads Keywords Tuesday 16th October 2012 <meta name="description" content="online news from around the globe" /> atom42.co.uk/how-to <meta name="keywords" content="Atomic Theory,Credit Crunch,Google,Mobile,Online,Social Media,Technology" /> "How to..." On site optimisation
Off site link development On site optimisation AB testing Multiple landing pages Keyword integration Deep linking Atom42 guide to online marketing Tutorial How to... Guide Off site link development Taking this further... as an authority figure Thank you Number of times a blog was 'ranked' atom42 On site Optimisation Search traffic Increase conversions Establish atom as an authority figure What is PPC? Site Structure Content URL Page title H1 and Alt Tags SEO friendly URL Page Title Site Structure atom42.co.uk/seo-guide Guide to Natural SEO Use HTML to describe site
Include quality content within each section
Naturally repeat key words and phrases A integrated 'How-to' area set into the existing site sections Landing pages directing visitors further to prompt conversion What is SEO? Altering site to rank higher for chosen keywords Keywords AB testing
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