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career shadowing

No description

Ismael Molina

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Career Shadowing I went to go career shadow a p.e. coach at sleepy hill middle school. They believe that all students can learn. As educators it is their
job to find ways to reach all students to get them to achieve
their potential and become prepared for high school. I have no idea where the company will be in 15 years. They'll most likely keep being a school and educating students and preparing them for high school. The same employability skills are needed at Sleepy Hill just like at Mckeel. I did not dare ask the employee what the
average salary is so i can't tell what it is. A computer/labtop is needed for teacher e-mail and to take attendance of the students. To be a p.e. coach you need basic typing skills, have some
type of physically fit body to participate and/or teach students how to play. Maybe not with this company but i would definately pursue this career, since, I enjoy playing sports and teaching it to others. Being able to play and challenge other students in the class/gym was what i liked best about this job. It was very entertaining and helped me with my social skills. I didn't dislike anything about this job because it fits my personality and I like to play and teach sports and physical activities to others.
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