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Baltimore Aquarium

GST237 Final Project Elon University

Fann Clarice

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Baltimore Aquarium

Background photo by t.shigesa It's A Museum! The Aquarium The Interview Baltimore Aquarium Quick Facts Evan Beatty Education Specialist is a tool used to educate the public by the use of displaying animals
has significant architecture that draws visitors and has an impact on the city
has similar job titles and responsibilites like common museums Onsite and Outreach Programs
Teacher Workshops, Summer Camps, Homeschool students
Target audience? Ages: Pre-K to 12th Grade Evan's Background Biology & English Internship at Zoo
education aid Works With... Typical Day Administrative Tasks: Emails, making calls for programs, reservations for programs Off Site: Teaching, setting up a classroom Community Affairs
Human Resources
Information Technology
Media Relations
Visitor Services
Visual Productions 250,000 square feet >2.2 million gallons 275 Paid Staff & 600+ Volunteers 1.4 million visitors annually 560 species 5 levels Aqua Partners Program 2,000 Students Favorite Aspect of the Job? Aqua Partners
Program Inner City Baltimore Students natural resources in MD (Chesapeake bay) 4th- History
5th-Scientific Get to work with students throughout the year. Field trips in Spring. In Evan's Opinion "Working to expose people to something they would not normally see." "Conserving the World's Aquatic Treasures" Maryland Students (Grant Driven) - Free Admission Oct-Feb Reach Community? free education program AOW Baltimore city & surrounding area students Write play and perform Henry Hall Program Camp for Baltimore City Students 6th-12th Grade Georgia, Ocean City MD, Florida, Outer Banks Kayaking, Reef Research, Shark Tagging.... Non-Profit Mostly GRANT funded Grant writing department Publicly Owned? No federal funding for construction Process Behind Creating Exhibits? New exhibit taking place of Wings in The Water (from 1981) Blacktip Reef Sketch out ideas Miniature Models of Reef Sculpt Reef $12.5 million Research Species Species Safety and Habitat Grants & Donors BUILD! Education Programs (Current Conditions...visitors re-routed) Acquiring Animals Bred in House Rain Forest Birds Southern Sting Ray Trade With Aquariums Wild Caught Curators Rays, Crocs, Turtiles Australian Exhibit Hurricane Sandy Legalities Association of Zoos and Aquariums Accredited every 5 years Inspectors Temperature Control
Animals taken care of
Safe exhibits Collecting Permits Before taking anything from the wild (Country or State) Curators with the Australia Exhibit Darwin, Australia Aborigines Australian Government has no control Contact head of Aborigines for permission Curators job changes when collections are low also help to maintain animal safety... Aquarist Gather fish, many locally Fish have to be quarantined after capture to remove any parasties. Not on display right away 3 full time, interships and residencies Vets exposure with exotic medicines Closing Thoughts The Aquarium... The lead curator said, "our obligation is these animals have to be cared for" Hammocks Flashlights A Night At The Museum Saved every last cricket.. Other Jobs at the Aquarium.... Aviculturist Breeding, raising, and caring for birds Exhibits and Design Dolphin Trainer Information Technology Vice President/
Chief Development Officer Plan on fundraising $50 to $75 million Publications Volunteer Grant Writer $2 million minimum
Bachelor Degree All of the filtration and pumps needed to keep animals healthy Life Support Marine Animal Rescue Seals & Sea Turtles Others
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